Beginners Guide To Buying A Private Number Plate In The UK

Beginners Guide To Buying A Private Number Plate In The UK

Buying a personal number plate for the first time gives rise to a wave of emotions. You are excited, worried and probably clueless. Out of the three, clueless is notoriously dangerous. Skipping the crucial information can be deadly and might lead you to future inconveniences. Why fall victim to such a misfortune?

Before buying a number plate, you must know what to do and what not to do. How? Easy Number Plates is here to help you put a private plate on your car with utter confidence and complete awareness. So, stay with us till the end.

Remember A Private Number Plate Comes With A Cost

Buying a private number plate is like buying the privilege of a specific combination of numbers/letters that relate either to birthdays or other special occasions. A number, this special will surely come with an additional cost. But, you need to channel your expenses. First, know how much your wallet allows you.

A private number is a bit more costly than a standard number plate. Above that, the prices specifically rise when a popular combination of characters is requested. Sometimes it is OK to put your heart before your mind and buy the number you like, but this must not cost you BIG. If you are setting a budget beforehand, you might have to be flexible with your choices. This brings us to our next section.

Open To Other Possibilities

Stubbornness will only burn your pocket. You might not get the exact combination you want. So, until it’s not a future investment, be flexible and open to a nearby possible combination. Moreover, keep in mind that the supply and demand directly reflect the price of the private number plate.

Number Plate Retention Is A Priority

As a crucial part of your purchase, you have to retain a number plate that you can use confidently for your car, bike or any other vehicle. Even after the car is sold, with the V778 retention certificate, the number will belong to you for life. With DVLA number plate retention, you do not have to get a registered number plate every time you purchase a car. Instead, the entitlement will be via a DVLA-approved retention certificate paper.

Know About DVLA Fees

All the numbers are registered with DVLA. Apart from the cost of purchasing the private number plate, you have to pay DVLA transfer fees. Only after which it is legal to cruise the cars on the roads of the UK. This is, in no way, a hidden cost, instead is a mandatory fee that applies to all private number plates.

Know Where To Buy A Private Number Plate

No one wants to fall prey to any hoaxes. Knowing the right place to buy a private number plate will give you a sense of surety. The three most trusted places to purchase a license number plate are DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency), a registered broker’s site, or a private sale.

Final Thoughts

Easy Number Plates is a trusted number plate maker and an advisor leading you in the right direction. We find joy in our profession of guiding and providing private number plates – combinations you love engraved on a premium metal.

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