How to retain your private number plate after selling your car?

How to retain your private number plate after selling your car?

You must be wondering what’d happen to personalised number plate when you sell your car or give it in scrape. Simply, you want private number plate retention off your car.

But first let’s find out what does number plate retention mean?

What is Number Plate Retention?

Do you wish to keep your private number plate after selling your car or giving your car in scrape? Or want to buy a number plate without having a car in present time? You do not need to worry, you can put the number plate on retention. Instead of using registration number plate on the vehicle, you’ll have registration printed on a certificate stating your entitlement.

Here are some questions that might come into your thoughts.

Can I Sell My Car and Retain a Private Number Plate?

Yes, you can sell your car and keep personalised number plate even if you’re giving your car for scrape. You can take the private plate off car and either keep number plate in retention or transfer to new car.

Now the new question that arises is how to do so?

How Can You Retain a DVLA Number Plate?

To keep your number plate to you, you can apply by post or online. To apply online, go to GOV’s personalised vehicle registration service and here are points to be taken care of:

  • Your vehicle should be registered in the UK with DVLA.
  • It should be of a type that needs an MOT.
  • Vehicle needs to have a SORN in place or have a valid tax for the last five years.
  • Your vehicle needs to have a valid tax or a valid SORN.
  • Vehicle needs to be available for inspection.

You can also apply by post but you’ll need a V317 form (transfer or keep a vehicle registration number) and the car’s logbook (V5C).

number plate retention inspection by DVLA

The DVLA will decide if they need to inspect your car.

Once they’ve approved the application, they’ll send you a new logbook. That’ll have the new registration. You’ll get a V778 ‘retention document’ if the private plate is in your name.

How Much Does It Cost for Putting A Private Plate on Retention?

It’ll cost £80 to take the number plate off car and retain it to transfer on another vehicle of yours.

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