What Makes 4D Number Plates Different?
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What Makes 4D Number Plates Different?

If you are a car enthusiast or simply own a car, you are aware of the importance of number plates. In fact, many car owners take their love for cars and express it through their number plates. Due to this, number plates are also subject to fashion. 3D and 4D number plates are highly trending currently for their unique look.

However, under the new laws passed by DVLA, 4D number plates have been banned. This is confusing for many people who are not aware of the number plate laws and what makes 4D or 4D gel number plates different from regular number plates.

Here is all you need to know about 4D number plates.

What are 4D Number Plates?

4D number plates are raised on the surface to give it a 4-dimensional look. These are made with an acrylic material and stuck using high-strength tape. Do not confuse them with 3D number plates as for many they may look similar.

Are 4D Number Plates Legal?

4D number plates are legal and can easily pass an MOT, however, there are certain rules laid out by the DVLA which a car owner must abide by. If there is any discrepancy, then you may end up facing a hefty fine.

The rules for 4D gel number plates by the DVLA are:

  • Front number plates must be black on a white background.
  • Rear plates should be black on a yellow reflective background.
  • The height of the characters must be 79mm and the width of characters must be 50mm (excluding ‘1’ or ‘I’).
  • Space between characters should be at least 7mm. (current standard is 11mm)
  • The space between groups must be 33mm.

If you abide by these rules when getting your 4D number plates made, then you can be assured that you are not breaking any law.

How are 4D Number Plates Different From 3D Plates?

The difference between the two is that 3D plates are made with a gel polyurethane resin. The gel is applied to the characters to make them appear glossy. Whereas, 4D number plates are made of acrylic that is cut and shaped with a laser, giving it the raised appearance that people like it for.

Are 4D Number Plates Durable?

Like any other number plate, 4D number plates are very durable. These are made to stand tough weather, sunlight, and other environmental factors that might cause any wear and tear. These don’t lose shine over time given that you got them made from a reliable service provider.

Where can You Buy 4D Number Plates UK?

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