We are UK’s leading registered number plate maker and supplier, We make premium quality legal 3D gel number plates online, All of our 3D number plates are 100% road legal and meet the standards set by the DVLA. Choose from our wide selection of number plates, suited for any vehicle registration.

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Build Your Own 3D Gel Number Plates

Easy Number Plate have the widest range of 3D styles for you to choose from. All characters have been designed to match the current Charles wright font. We use the highest quality letters and digits by using 3mm thick jet black gel.

As per the legality all of our plates are complaint with the DVLA standards ensuring they are MOT complaint with each plate marked with Easy Number Plates details and British Standards (BS AU 145d) markings.

  • 100% UK road legal
  • DVLA & MOT compliant
  • British Standards (BS AU 145d)
  • Ultra Premium 3M reflectivity & 3M backing

Are 3D Gel Number Plates Legal?

Yes, 100% road legal providing the 3D number plates are made by an approved supplier registered with the DVLA to make number plates. 3D Plates made to the correct specifications to British Standards (BS AU 145d) and are totally legal and designed for use on UK roads.