3D Gel Plates

Elevate the overall appearance of your car with that small piece of luxury on the bonnet and boot of the car. In the UK, 3D number plates are a popular choice for adding a touch of style and individuality to a vehicle. 3D plates are durable, eye-catching, and easy to read, making them a popular choice among car owners in the UK. Easy Number Plates manufactures premium and durable 3D number plates in the UK. Order pair of 3D gel plates (specific to your two/four-wheeler model) exclusively made at Easy Plates.

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What is 3D Number Plates?

3D number plates are the most trending and affordable number plate style. The alpha-numeric combinations are marked with gel resin to give these raised number plates an elevated look. The letters are usually in “Charles Wright Font” with spacing legal spacing as directed by the authorities. Unlike 4D number plates, 3D car number plates have curvy edges.

According to the DVSA, 3D number plates must meet certain standards in order to be considered legal. These standards include the size, font, spacing, and reflectivity of the letters and numbers on the plate. The plates must also be made from approved materials and must be securely fixed to the vehicle.

As per the norms, all the 3D number plates in the UK are made from a reflective surface, ensuring clear visibility at any time of the day and under any lighting arrangement.

Can You Engrave a Slogan on My 3D Gel Number Plate?

The advantage of a number plate is that you can design them to your style. Do you have a slogan close to your heart? If yes, then Easy Number Plates offers you the flexibility to customise your number plate to “add a slogan.” Although, make sure the slogan/sentence is in no way offensive to any individual or group. Letters ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘I’ and ‘Z’ are not seen on the number plates as these can easily be mistaken with other numbers/characters.

Easy Plates also allows you to add a badge alongside your car combination representing GB blue, GB black, Union Jack Blue, CYM Welsh Flag, SCO Scotland Flag, and Green EV electric badge. 

Know more about putting slogan on the number plate.

Choose From the Range Of 3D Registration Plates

Easy Number Plate has quite a range of 3D registration plates for you to choose from. All characters have been designed to match the current Charles Wright font. We use the highest quality gel resins for letters and digits.

You can get your registration plates as you desire to have them. Choose from raised domed gloss, domed carbon, glitter gel, German fonts, Shadow effect & Hi-Line 3D registration plates. And all are road legal with DVLA standards. Get 100% road legal number plates from Easy Number Plates. 

As per legality, all our 3D license plates strictly comply with the DVLA standards. We ensure each plate complies with MOT details and British Standards (BS AU 145d) markings as well.


Q1. Is It Mandatory to Send Original Documents for Verification?

Ans: As a customer, passing on your personal documents is a valid concern. But we would like to assure you that Easy Number Plates is a certified number plate maker protecting the privacy rights of its clients. No piece of information extended to Easy Plates through clients goes beyond the walls. 

Q2. What Type of 3D Plates are Available with Easy Number Plates?

Ans: Easy Number Plates has a wide array of 3D plates ranging from gloss finishes to domed numbers, German font, flat surface, raised carbon gel number plates, glitter number plates and more.

Q3. Is 3D Number Plates Legal in the UK?

Ans: Yes, 3D gel number plates are legal for cars in the UK. To keep yourself immune from interrogation or penalties, ensure that your number plate is made via a DVLA-certified number plate maker.

Q4. What If My 3D Number Plate Fails the DVLA or MOT Compliance?

Ans: You might get fined a hefty £1000 along with the authorities seizing your ownership of the registration. Plates with illegal spacing, font, or any statement are automatically in violation of the MOT and DVLA norms.

Q5. Which British Standards does Easy Number Plates Abides by?

Ans: Easy Number Plates abides by BS AU 145d and BS AU 145e norms.