Replacement Number Plates

Is your car number plate worn out or destroyed in an accident? We have got you covered. As authorities give no flexibility on driving with inappropriate number plates, Easy Number Platesa trusted number plate maker in the UK, offers you the best replacement plates. Get 100% road-legal plates that comply with the latest British standards. We create number plates on-demand to match your style preferences and the specific car models you own.

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What are Replacement Number Plates?

You cannot drive on the roads of the UK with a broken, faded, or improper number plate – the act might cause you a hefty fine. Luckily, the inappropriate plates could be replaced with new ones. Replacement number plates are an advancement to your old worn-out number plates. 

A replacement number plate can be a 3D gel number plates, 4D number plates, Krystal number plates, neon number plates, etc. It could be of any design that you choose to flaunt on your favourite car.

Why Trust On Easy Number Plates?

Easy Number Plates not only ensures the quality of the products but the services as well. For instance, on-demand 24 hours delivery. Being a DVLA-certified number plate maker, Easy Number Plates provides 100% road legal number plates in compliance with BS AU 145d and BS AU 145e norms. 

Easy Number Plates abides by the BS AU 145e which stipulates that all the number plates must have the trademark of the number plate supplier right in the centre (below the registered number). Thus, every number plate exiting the premise of Easy Number Plates is authorised with the company’s trademark. 

Get Model Specific Replacement Number Plates From Easy Plates

Whether you own a car or a motorbike, name the model, and we have a number plate tailored to the vehicle. With Easy Number Plates, it is easier than ever to get the number plates made and affixed to your vehicle. Along with the number plate, we provide on-demand strong adhesive pads (number plate holders) to instantly fix the number plates to the vehicle.   

As far as online orders are concerned, we give you the flexibility to track your order and 100% secure online payments. 

We are available to help you with uncompromised and quick services. If you are not tech-savvy, we invite you to the store to place the order for your new replacement car number plates and complete the formalities in no time.


Q1. Replacement Number Plates Are Made Of Which Material?

Ans: The norms regarding number plates have changed and so have changed the requirements of the people. Today replacement registration plates in 3D are made with a polyurethane gel resin and replacement license plates in 4D are crafted on reflective surfaces with solid acrylic.

Q2. Are documents necessary for replacement number plates as well?

Ans: Yes, the documents that verify your current identity, as well as your proof of registration entitlement, are important. The sole purpose is to prove that you are allowed to display the plate. The number plate suppliers are concerned with your identity, residence, and proof that the said number/combination belongs to you.

For in-depth assistance, contact T: 01628 540033, F: 08719184954.

Q3. What is the cost of replacement number plates?

Ans: The cost of a replacement number plate depends on the type of number plate you opt for, along with additional accessories like number plate holders. Easy number plates add value to your purchase by offering the best prices in the market on any road-legal number plate you opt for.