Number Plate Holders

Easy Number Plates offers the premium number plate holder surround specified to your car model. Our number plate holders are made from the finest quality metal and black coated for premium finishes. Find ALFA ROMEO, AUDI, Chevrolet, BMW number plate holders and more. We at Easy Number plates have Chrome Number plate holders that fit well with all the UK standard and car-specific/personalised number plates.

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Get Bespoke Number Plate Holders For Luxury Cars

Easy Number Plates is your destination to find number plates as well as number plate holders that comply with BS AU 145e standards. Get easy-to-fit, premium quality front and rear number plate holders for any car model exclusively at Easy Number Plates.

Choose from the below-mentioned catalogue of number plate holders.

  • Alfa Romeo Number Plate Holder
  • Mercedes Number Plate Holder
  • Audi Number Plate Holder
  • BMW Number Plate Holder
  • Chevrolet Number Plate Holder
  • Citroen Number Plate Holder
  • Dacia Number Plate Holder
  • Fiat Number Plate Holder
  • Honda Number Plate Holder
  • Hyundai Number Plate Holder
  • Jaguar Number Plate Holder
  • Jeep Number Plate Holder
  • Kia Number Plate Holder

Get Your Number Plate Holder With:

  • 100% assured quality. 
  • Premium coated surface
  • Sophisticated number plate frame colours
  • Elegant finishes 
  • Durable against frictions and cleaning jet sprays.

Buy the finest number plate holders online from a DVLA-certified number plate maker Easy Number Plates. Easy Number Plates holds over a decade of expertise as a manufacturer of number plates and number plate holders in the UK.

Buy Number Plate Holders Online In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Pick your choice of the number plate holder. 
  2. Click “Proceed To Checkout”
  3. Fill in The Billing Details 
  4. Confirm your purchase 


Q1. Are Number Plate Holders Legal In The UK?

Ans: Yes, number plate holders are 100% legal in the UK. Easy Number Plates offers easy-to-fit number plate holders complying with all government-set guidelines.

Q2. Can I Get Fast Delivery?

Ans: We deliver within 24 hours of purchase for orders placed before 3 PM.

Q3. Are these number plates holder durable?

Ans: Number plate holders purchased from Easy Number Plates ensure durability and compliance with the BS AU 145e norms.