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Easy Number Plates is your one-stop destination to find premium-looking glitter number plates for your car. Get the best glitter number plates with high-quality gel characters, the finest gloss finish and stronger materials to sustain the frictions/accidents. A single number plate does wonder in elevating the aesthetics of the entire car – glitter number plates (front and rear) certainly add an appeal to your favourite car. 

After the new number plate norms, a lot of design options have been ruled out. Thankfully, you can still purchase glitter, neon and Krystal number plates.

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4D Glitter Gel Number Plates

What Are Glitter Plates?

Black 3D or 4D gel numbers are infused with a glitter gel to create a multi-coloured sparkling appearance that can be noticed from afar. The entire arrangement exudes an attractive and extravagant look at the very first glimpse. The glitter gel combinations rest on the highest quality acrylic plates to avoid breakage from small clashes or high-pressure jet sprays while washing. Get exclusive plates with 3M reflective and 3M baking. 

Are Glitter Gel Number Plates Legal In The UK?

Yes. Although the DVLA and MOT are quite concerned about keeping the classic black font on white and yellow surfaces. Glitter number plates made by Easy Plates have bold black fonts with a glitter gel to enhance the looks of the fonts. You can choose from an array of options (catalogued by Easy Number Plates) and get a customised number plate from us. 

Being a DVLA-certified number plate maker in the UK, all the number plates provided by us are 100% road legal (including the glitter plates) and comply with all the quality standards. We show strict adherence to BSAU145d and BSAU145e standards when it comes to legal number plates.   

Respecting the recent norms, we authorise all the number plates with the Easy Plates trademark along with the British Standards it complies with.

Get Attractive Glitter Number Plates For Your Private Number

Having a private number is indeed a matter of pride so why not flaunt them with attractive glitter or glitter neon fonts? Not many registration plate makers provide glitter plates in their catalogue. Easy number plates offer you 3D gel and 4D glitter number plates with neon or Krystal combinations. Feel free to browse through our signature collection of glitter Registration plates to enhance the appeal of your car.

We offer:

  • Quality 
  • Online Purchase Convenience
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  • On-Demand Fittings 
  • Customization and more

Place an order for show plates or on-road glitter number plates exclusively at Easy Number Plates. 


Q1. Can I Order Glitter Number Plates Online?

Ans: Yes. you can place your order with Easy Number Plates in 4 simple steps

  • Pick your choice of number plates 
  • Select the style and fill out the form for mandatory details. 
  • Click Add o Basket 
  • Enter your location, pay and confirm your purchase. 

Q2. What quality standards do you follow with number plates?

Ans: When it comes to quality, Easy Number Plates creates number plates as per BS AU 145e standards to comply with DVLA norms and meet MOT regulations.

Q3. Do you have any instant delivery options?

Ans: Yes. Easy Number Plates offers delivery within 24 hrs if the order is placed before 3 pm.

Q4. What Styles and options do we have in glitter number plates?

Ans: There are 15+ options under glitter number plates and we are meticulously expanding our catalogue to include more DVLA-approved number plate styles.