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Easy Number Plates is a pioneer in making bespoke Krystal number plates to enhance the appeal of your vehicle. Being a DVLA-certified number plate maker in the UK, we ensure that you get the best, yet 100% road-legal number plates authorized by us.

Easy Number Plates offers you the flexibility to choose from various styles like 4D Krystal plates, Krystal gel plates, 4D Krystal gel (5mm) replacement number plates and 4D Krystal Invisible camo number plates. Feel free to browse through our catalogue and make the best pick.

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What is a Krystal Number Plate?

Krystal number plates are more on a shinier edge, elevating the overall appearance of your number plate. With a gloss black finish, 4D Krystal gel number plates have become a popular choice for car owners in the UK. Krystal Number Plates, made with cutting-edge technology, are the best sellers on Easy Number Plates. The combinations are written in “Charles Wright font”.

As per the norms, all the number plates are made from a retroreflective surface ensuring clear visibility at any time of the day and under any lighting arrangement.

Are Krystal Number Plates Legal In The UK?

BS norms only consider black characters on white (front) or yellow (rear) surfaces to be road legal. Although Krystal number plates are legal as the colour of the alpha-numeric combinations remains black and visible from afar making it easier for anyone to spot the number at a very first glimpse.

If manufactured by a DVLA-certified number plate maker, Krystal number plates are 100% road-legal. All authentic number plate makers are bound to abide by the BSAU145d and BSAU145e standards when it comes to spacing, font, colour and quality.

Get Customized Krystal Plates From Us

With Easy Number Plates, you have a variety of Krystal Number Plate styles to choose from. On-demand we can make a 4D Krystal gel number plate for any car/two-wheeler model. We provide you with premium and sustainable number plates that can survive extremities and offer ease of cleaning.

Get Your Number Plate In Simple Steps:

  1. Pick Your Choice Of Krystal Plates 
  2. Fill Out The Form For Mandatory Details 
  3. Select Material Standard
  4. Add To Basket 
  5. Place Online Order

With Easy Number Plates, it is easier than ever to place an order online and get your plates delivered to your doorsteps. We are concerned with the raw materials used to make every number plate delivered from our store.


Q1. What material is my number plate made of?

Ans: 4D Krystal number plates are made of impact-modified acrylic on a reflective surface. Easy Number Plates complies with the BSAU145e standards when it comes to number plates. While filling out the form, you can opt for standard/regular, premium and ultra-premium material quality.

Q2. What colours are used in Krystal number plates?

Ans: As per the aesthetics of your car, you can go for blue, green, orange, yellow and white. Recently a lot of norms have been ruled out by the regulatory bodies, while Krystal number plates are one of the changes you can still make to enhance the looks of your car. 

Q3. What documents do I need to purchase a number plate?

Ans: Your identity proof like driving license, national identity card, or council tax or rate bills. Also, you need to give proof that the registration belongs to you with a V5C or V5CNI, V750, or V750NI. For more in-depth assistance, contact Easy Number Plates.

Q4. Can I customize the number plates?

Ans: Easy Number Plates offers you the flexibility to choose from an array of options when it comes to Krystal number plates. You can opt for different colours, add a slogan, or add a badge (while filling out the form). Easy plates provide bespoke number plates to its valuable clients.

Q5. Is Krystal Number Plate Road Legal?

Ans: Krystal number plates are 100% road legal, provided a DVLA-certified maker makes them. As per the recent norms, it is mandatory to mention the credentials of number plate makers as well.