Tips to Choosing the Perfect Number Plate for Your Vehicle
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Tips to Choosing the Perfect Number Plate for Your Vehicle

If you own a vehicle, then you know that a number plate is a must under UK laws. As per the laws of the DVLA, a clearly visible number plate is mandatory for all vehicle owners. While there are many types of number plates available in the market like 3D number plates, 4D number plates, and krystal and neon number plates, the new laws by the DVLA have updated the requirements for vehicle owners to abide by.

In this scenario, it is best to get your number plates made to align with the new number plate laws. Here, Easy Number Plates brings a few tips on how to choose the perfect number plate for your vehicle:

  1. Personal Details: Most people prefer numbers that are close to them. Birthdays and wedding anniversaries are some common examples preferred by vehicle owners. These are easier to remember since it’s closer to their heart. Some others also go for lucky numbers or figures that align with their zodiacs as these are somewhat a close reflection of their personality. If you also want your number plate to reflect your unique identity, then you can go for these options. Of course, these are all subject to availability.
  2. Go for Readable Number Plates: With new technology and trends in place, 3D number plates and 4D number plates have become quite common. While these were all about being the trendsetter, unfortunately, due to the new laws, these are banned by the DVLA. Krystal number plates and neon number plates are also banned under the new laws. However, if you abide by some rules of number plate laws, you may be able to get trendy number plates for your car. This is all just to make sure that ANPR cameras can pick up your registration number in case of an emergency.
  3. Avoid Sensitive Plates: Under the new laws, number plates with sensitive and derogatory figures have also been banned. It is best to pay special attention to general pubic sentiments when choosing a number plate. Derogatory or racist figures like colloquial words that offend communities, or more recently Covid-19 related number plates. To avoid charges or bans in the future, it is best to choose a safe option for your number plate.
  4. Construction Quality: Number plates get exposed to a number of external environmental factors which can wear them down. Rain, sunlight, and pollution are just some of the factors that can make your number plates lose their appearance. So, before buying a number plate make sure that your maker is a reliable service provider. Durability is an important thing to keep in mind while getting your number plate made.

If you are looking for a quality number plate maker then Easy Number Plates has it all. We offer all kinds of styles and patterns to choose from. You can rely on us because we are registered with the DVLA so all our number plates are completely legal and in compliance with the requirements of the law.

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