Have You Heard About DVLA Auctions For Special Numbers?
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Have You Heard About DVLA Auctions For Special Numbers?

No amount of words could justify the feeling of getting a personal number for your favourite car. If you are awaiting the experience, let me tell you DVLA conducts its auctions from where you can purchase a private number registration. Intriguing, isn’t it? Today’s write-up says everything you need to know about DVLA auctions for special numbers and how you can style them with stylishly customised 3D plates or 4D number plates.

A Brief About DVLA Auctions

DVLA auctions are held five times a year. Like a property or a world-renowned piece of art, DVLA registered special numbers, combinations and words are of the greatest value. DVLA typically features some prestigious numbers that resemble a specific car model or have any other unique quality. The number can be yours if you are the highest bidder in your group.  

Before the auctions, a catalogue with the registration numbers queued in alphabetical order with a pre-set price range. The bidder needs to bid higher than that price range. 

There are two types of Auctions – ‘Venue auctions’ and ‘Timed Online Auctions‘.

DVLA Venue Auctions

As the name suggests, DVLA venue auctions are held at a particular location. The venues might vary from time to time, but people are informed well before the auction date. To put your bids for a particular number from DVLA, you must register days before the sales. All the information and conditions are mentioned on the DVLA’s official website. 

DVLA auction for numbers has the same ambience, feel and stress that any auction for property, horses or cars has. Furthermore, whichever numbers are due to be auctioned off by the DVLA will be advertised well in advance along with the auction calendar.

DVLA already marks the entire roadmap to your special number plate.

DVLA Timed Online Auctions

If you are not in town or due to any other circumstance, you cannot attend the venue auctions by DVLA; you can put your bids through online auctions. Again, the highest bidder wins. Even though it is online LIVE bidding, the amount usually doesn’t rise to large increments, as you might witness in the venue auction. Venue auctions are held to set more valuable bids on numbers of equal importance.

Sliding End Times

If you are associated with the world of auctions and bidding, you know there is a lot of specialised software that bids on behalf of the human (as quickly as possible). This does not leave even a single second for others to bid – the process is called sniping. The biggest benefit of DVLA timed auctions is that they fence the practice through “Sliding end times”. 

In Sliding End Times, the auction is still restricted to a particular time frame, but if any bidder bids in the last 30 mins, that will trigger another 30 minutes of “extra time”. Technically, online auctions with sliding end times can go on forever. But actually, the auction ends when the price reaches the maximum amount, above which nobody thinks is worth bidding more. 

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Get Customised Number Plates

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