Guide to Private (Personalised) Number Plates
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Guide to Private (Personalised) Number Plates

Many vehicle owners like to have personalised number plates on their vehicles. But what is the notion behind having a personalised number? Having a private plate is an excitement, gives confidence to the owner and make you feel above average, so what is your reason to have a private number?.

Now the question is how to get a personalised number plate for your vehicle? Where can you get it from? What are eligibilities points to be taken care of?

Let us go through it all one by one.

First of all, you can buy a private (personalised) number plate from DVLA or a private dealer as per your choice.

How to buy a private (personalised) number?

There are three different ways to buy a private number plate for your vehicle. Here are the following:

  • Buy from DVLA: You can buy a new personalised number plate in the UK from DVLA personalised registrations.
  • Buy at DVLA Auction: There are auctions across the county about 5 times a year. You can see a list of the numbers coming up for auction.

    You can easily bid in person, by phone, in writing or online.

    Once your win the auction on personalised registration, you’ll get a V750 certificate of entitlement after successful payment for a private number. This is to prove that you have the right to put the number on your vehicle.

  • Buy from a Private Dealer or Person: You can buy a personalised number from a dealer. Most private number plate dealers will transfer the number to your vehicle for you. If you want to keep or assign the number yourself, ask the dealer if you can have the V750 or V778.

How to assign a private number to your vehicle?

To assign a private (personalised) number to a vehicle, you need one of the following:

What is the eligibility to assign a private number?

You cannot:

  • assign a number starting with ‘Q’ or ‘NIQ’
  • put a private number on a ‘Q’ registered vehicle
  • use a private number that makes a vehicle look newer than it is – for example, an ‘07’ registration number on a 2003 registered vehicle

The vehicle must:

  • be registered with DVLA in the UK
  • be able to move under its power
  • be of a type that needs an MOT or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) test certificate
  • have been taxed or had a SORN in place continuously for the past 5 years
  • be taxed currently (or have a SORN in place – if it’s had a SORN for more than 5 years, it must be taxed).
  • be available for inspection

DVLA will check your application and contact you if your vehicle needs an inspection.

How to apply to assign a number?

If the vehicle is:

  • registered to you – apply online or by post
  • a used vehicle you just bought – wait for DVLA to send you a new V5C in your name before you apply online or by post
  • brand new – give the dealer your V750 or V778 document and ask them to apply
  • registered to someone else and you want the private number to be transferred to them – apply online or by post

It’s free to apply online or by post. You need the vehicle’s logbook (V5C).

If you already have a private number on your vehicle, apply to take it off first. You could lose the right to use the number if you do not.

Don’t you have time to take part in the DVLA bidding? Contact Easy Number Plates for private number plates for your vehicle.