How to assign a Personalized Number Plate
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How to assign a Personalized Number Plate

Assigning personalized number plate to a vehicle

To assign a personalized number plate to a vehicle you will need one of the following:

  • V750 (Certificate of Entitlement)
  • V778 (Retention document)
  • An online reference number provided by the DVLA

The way to obtain any one of the three documents is either when buying a number plate or taking the personalized plate off a vehicle you own.

How to assign a number plate to a vehicle you already own?

Assigning a number plate to a vehicle you already own is actually pretty simple. You can apply to do this online or by post, whichever is more convenient to you. There are some requirements though:

The vehicle must be:

  •  Available for inspection
  • Registered in the UK with the DVLA
  • Be a vehicle that requires an MOT or HGV (heavy goods vehicle) test

You will need to order a set of new plates and put them on the car before you start to drive it!

Still unsure on how to assign a private plate?

If you’ve read the above steps and still are not sure, then we can help. We take the fuss out of assigning number plates and do it all for you. If you would like us to sort it all please call 01628 540033.

Order personalized numbers through us

Now you’ve probably searched the whole web, classifieds, and auctions for your desired numbers. It can be a bit of a pain, especially when most of the great combinations have already been sold. We work closely with our clients to offer a national search to get your desired private plate at a fair reasonable cost (something others can’t quite do).