When Do Replacement Number Plates Become Extremely Important?
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When Do Replacement Number Plates Become Extremely Important?

If you are someone who does not know when and why to replace their licence number plates, then the next few minutes will be an eye-opener for you.

If you have just started driving on the roads of England, the write-up is not to discourage you but to make you aware of the misfortune you might face because of the worn-out number plates. Until the number plates do not hail the numbers and combinations loud and clear, it is inappropriate. Partially destroyed, old, dirty, missing numbers or worn-out number plates attract a massive fine of up to 1000 pounds.

It is mandatory by law to abide by all the rules of DVLA regarding the number plates. For loud and clear understanding, mentioned below are the circumstances under which you have to get replacement number plates, also by a certified number plate maker.

Please Note: the law applies to both rear and front number plates of the car.

When Do You Need to Replace Licence Number Plates?

Now that you know, neglecting the number plate will cost you double or maybe thrice the cost of a new number plate – is this a smart decision? Of course not. So here are some of the conditions that require you to get a replacement number plate as soon as possible.

  1. Missing Numbers: Numbers and combinations should hail from afar. It means the numbers should be clear and understandable not only by the human eyes but also by the ANPR radar. Recently, the authorities have imposed strict rules on the code of conduct with regard to all the new number plates, and rules are well in line to curb the cases of cloned number plates and other related crimes.
  2. Overlapping With Designs/Borders: In the run for fancy, do not overlook the clarity of the numbers and their combinations. The numbers/letters should have a specified spacing and be at a certain distance from the border. If your number plate has none of the two, you might need to get a replacement number plate (maybe a bigger one) to solve the issue.
  3. Damaged Number Plates: There are several reasons why a number plate gets damaged. It may be due to a road accident, a theft attempt, or some car hitting the bonnet of your standing car – anyways, this is not accepted as an excuse by the authorities. You have to get a new number plate as soon as you can.
  4. Rusting On Number Plates: Are you risking rusted number plates? It seems like their life is over. You need to replace your number plates with a new and more attractive plate if rust appears on them. Moreover, the current laws are more stringent, commanding every car to abide by the reflective number plate standards.
  5. When the plate gets stolen: No car is allowed on the roads of the UK without a clear number plate. If you have got your stolen car back and notice a destroyed or no number plate on it, reach out to a replacement number plate maker as soon as possible. Also, inform concerned authorities about stolen number plates.
  6. Unclear Visibility of The Numbers: Although there is no set criterion for the readability of the numbers. Still, to confirm that the number is readable, move to a distance from your car and try to read it. If you can, it is ok to take that car on the roads. On the other hand, if some symbols are not visible or numbers are overlapping, it is time for you to get replacement car number plates.
  7. Period Of Seven Years: As per the laws, every number plate owned needs to be replaced every seven years. The norm is to ensure that the number plates are reflective with absolutely visible fonts, whether day or night.

What Documents Are Needed to Get Replacement Registration Plates?

Every DVLA-certified number plate maker is required to ask you for certain documents before providing you with replacement number plates in the UK. Easy Number Plates being DVLA certified seeks your identity proof (DL/utility bill dated within six months/bank statement dated within six months/ national identity card).

Easy number plates also seek proof of ownership of the car (vehicle registration certificate/certificate of entitlement to the number/ retention document/number plate authorization certificate). To know more about the legal documents required, reach out to our experts.

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