Easy Steps to Guide You Through Fitting Number Plate
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Easy Steps to Guide You Through Fitting Number Plate

Fitting Number plates

The trend of personalised number plates has taken the world by storm and the number of people investing hugely in buying these expensive plates is now at an all-time high. While it seems easy for people to buy these plates, not knowing how to fix them becomes a mundane task for them. One wrong move and they’ll end up shelling out a lot on the looks of their vehicle. And keeping in mind their boredom in changing or fixing the number plate, we have come up with some easy-peasy tips that will save you from the long ordeal of getting the number plate fixed and will make the task simple for you.

Removing existing number plates

On the topic of fixing number plates, the first and foremost thing that popped up in our mind was how to remove the existing number plate and so, let’s first talk about it. Well, to begin with, removing depends on the way the number plate is fixed: Screwed or stuck using sticky pads.

  • The ones that are screwed require removing the screws and then pulling off the number plate. But, it’s not as simple as it sounds. While removing the screws you need to make sure that the plate doesn’t fall and damage your vehicle’s bodywork.
  • Talking about the removal of sticky pads from the number plate, the best method for this one is the fishing line method. In this method, you have to wrap fishing wire around your fingers (wear gloves to avoid cutting your self!), put it behind the number plate and move it back and forth in a way that the number plate looses its grip and gets removed. Make sure you don’t damage your vehicle whilst doing so.
  • Alternativly you was ask a member of staff from Easy Number Plates to remove your plates for you and install the new ones!

Mounting the number plate

Removing completes your first step of fitting new number plates. Easy,  Wasn’t it? Confident to move onto the next level? Well, this one is a bit on the tougher side but, worry not, we’ll make it simpler for you. This step is all about mounting the number plate onto the vehicle. Much like removing, mounting also depends on how you want to mount your number plate.

  • If you want to mount it with screws, then begin with determining the right position where the screws will land and this can be done in a simpler way by placing the old number plate on the top of new one. This will let you know the exact position where you need to drill for the holes and so make a mark on that position. Drill through the marked points in a way that it doesn’t drill through any digit. Now, using the screws fix the plate tightly on the vehicle. And lastly, place caps over the screws and then press them firmly. These caps will enhance the overall look of the plate.
  • If you choose to go with sticky pad number plates, your work gets much simpler and believe us on that. In this case you have to begin with cleaning the area where the number plate has to be fixed, then de-greasing it with some solvent. Once you are done cleaning the vehicle, you have to get your number plate ready to be stuck and for that apply sticky pads at the back of your number plate. For long lasting results, apply as many as 9-12 pads in all directions, horizontal, vertical and slanted. Finally, remove the backing of the pads just before applying it on the vehicle, once applied, put some pressure so that it gets stuck firmly. And there it is, your number plate fixed using sticky pads.

Hope our blog has guided you well enough to fix your priced number plates onto your vehicle. So, get ready with your number plate fixing kit and try to fix one today itself.  If alternatively you would like for us to install your number plates please call 01628 540033. All the best!