What is the ideal number plate size for Mercedes Benz?

What is the ideal number plate size for Mercedes Benz?

Mercedes is a Germany-based luxury automobile brand also popular as Mercedes Benz or Merc. The company was first established in 1901 and since then, it has made a mark by becoming one of the most extravagant cars worldwide. Mercedes has become the symbol of class with prestigious features that none of the other standard car’s hails. One of the very first models was driven by Adolf Hitler. 

Whether you own a Mercedes A-class, Benz EQA, B-Class, or C-class, the number plates should align with the prestige of your car. When you get a brand-new Mercedes Benz right out of the showroom, everything but the number plate is worth a second look. So, now that you have purchased a premium Mercedes Benz and may be planning to go for a private number to scale up its worth – you will need a premium number plate that fits the car.

Ideal Size for Mercedes Number Plates

There is no one size fits all formula when it comes to premium cars like Mercedes, Jaguar, and Land Rover. People usually go with model-specific number plates, 3D number plates in the UK, or 4D number plates with hailing fonts and premium surfaces.

Easy number plates hold a vast catalogue of Mercedes number plates for almost every Mercedes model that you own. You say it and we have it. One can get standard one-size number plates for most of the Mercedes models. The owner’s preferences still drive the choice—for instance, short number plates, standard oblong, or large oblong plates. 

Here customization usually depends on the private number that you have got the registration from DVLA, the spacing of the number-letter combination and the front look of the car.

Abiding By The Latest DVLA Number Plate Laws

Whether it’s the Mercedes you own, DVLA is unbiased with its new number plate laws from 1 March 2022. Every new number plate has to comply with the regulations. The laws are concerned with the material of the plates, fonts, letter spacing, combinations and colour. Know the recent DVLA laws for number plates in the UK. Most of the amendments are particularly to curb the cases of car cloning. 

So, make sure you get your number plate designed and manufactured only by the certified number plate maker in the UK.

Easy Number Plates to Rescue

Your trusted number plate maker, Easy Number Plates offers premium car number plates to complement the looks and style of your car. At the same time, abiding by the latest rules by DVLA. Whether it’s any model of Mercedes Benz or any other premium/standard vehicle, we help you enhance the look of your car with lavish number plates that suits the styles. Get private numbers engraved for life and attach them to your dream car. 

We thoroughly abide by the DVLA norms, so you do not have to pay any charge/penalty for taking your car on the roads of the UK. It should be a moment to remember and not regret.


Mercedes is a matter of prestige. Make it worth it by attaching premium-looking number plates. Your search for a certified number plate maker in the UK ends here. Get your favourite number attached to your favourite car by laying your requirements on Easy Number Plates. Share with us your Mercedes car model and style preferences.