3D Gel Plates VS 4D Gel number plates – Which One To Choose?
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3D Gel Plates VS 4D Gel number plates - Which One To Choose?

Thousands of vehicles cruise on the roads of the UK, some lavish, some comfortably standard, some affordable. But have you ever noticed the number plates on them? Often underestimated, number plate styling, material composition, sustainability, and even fonts cannot be ignored. There are specific DVLA norms on number plates one needs to comply with. For curious minds, Easy Number Plates is here to answer the most frequently asked question – 3d gel plates or 4D plates. Which one to choose?

3D and 4D Number Plates – Both are an Upgrade on Standard Number Plates

Whether you are celebrating a recently purchased private number or a brand new car, whatever is the reason; you just can’t ignore the number plates on your car. As number plates are monitored by the regulatory bodies and add to your car’s aesthetics, prior information is always better than a lesson. To be noted, 3D gel and 4D number plates are 100% legal alternatives to a standard 2D plate.

If 3D is an upgrade on 2D number plates, certainly, 4D is an advanced version of 3D plates, which is the very first difference between 3D number plates and 4D number plates. But perspectives change with people, and some might give weightage to 3D gel plates more than its counterpart. This is where one needs to be well informed to confidently go with their heart.

3D Gel Number Plates

3d gel number plates are an evolution of standard number plates. If kept on the pedestal alongside a 2D plate, 3D plates have a clear weightage. Made from acrylic, 3D plates use polyurethane gel resin to create and elevate the plate’s characters. The resin gel is also known to provide lustre and resilience to the initials, thus enhancing the overall finish of the plates. It is the usage of gel that majorly distinguishes a 2D plate from a 3D version.

4D Gel Number Plates

4D plates are made from acrylic (a premium material to make number plates), but instead of polyurethane resins, acrylic itself is used to elevate the characters on the plate. This process ensures that the characters are thicker, more stylish, and premium-looking than a 3D plate. The factor that makes people yearn for 4D plates (especially for their private numbers) is that characters engraved in Krystal, graphite, or glitter gel appear even more exotic on a 4D plate than on a 3D plate.

Quick Differences

3D Gel Number Plates

    • It has now become mainstream.
    • Lesser depth and intensity in the engraved characters.
    • 3D gel plates are easier and thus faster to manufacture.
    • Characters are comparatively blunt on the edges.
    • Characters give a wet gel-like look to the viewer.

4D Number Plates

    • It remains to be premium.
    • Characters appear to be more elevated and premium-looking.
    • 4D Gel plates take time to manufacture.
    • Characters are more elevated and rectangular.
    • More like the full-fledged raised shapes.

3D or 4D, as per DVLA both the options are valid to be seen on the roads. The decision ultimately lies in your preference. Though the 4D gel plate is more on a premium edge, one would not regret purchasing any of the two.

DVLA Protocols For 3D and 4D Plates

  • Detailing and designing of plates shall not interfere with the clarity of the numbers.
  • 3D and 4D plates must reflect.
  • Any other colour except black is prohibited for the characters on the plates (front and rear).
  • White background for the front and yellow background for the back is mandatory for all types of number plates.
  • No single pattern, design, or any other styling element must be visible in-between the numbers on the number plate.

Have You Made Up Your Mind Yet?

With years of experience as a number plate maker, Easy Number Plates is exponentially capable of giving premium quality 3D gel plates and 4D number plates strictly complying with DVLA norms. While several manufacturers will dishearten you by telling you they only make 3D number plates, we effectively manufacture 4D plates as well. Also, at easy number plates, you will find 4D gel plates maintaining the deluxe of 4D plates while adopting the gel-like shine. Built to perfection, 4D gel plates are made with cutting-edge laser technology and are tremendously running from our units. For queries, suitable catalogues, or any other assistance on number plates, feel free to knock on the doors. We are at your service.