Looking for Replacement Number Plates? Here’s What You Should Know
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Looking for Replacement Number Plates? Here’s What You Should Know

If you are aware of the new DVLA motor regulations then you might be considering replacement number plates. According to the Motor Car Act, the vehicle must have a clearly visible number plate that abides by the laws and regulations of number plates. The registration number must be clean and visible so it can be easily picked by the ANPR cameras.

So, if your number plates are broken, damaged, faded, irreparably dirty, or do not adhere to the rules of the DVLA, it is time for you to consider getting replacement number plates. Have you made up your mind? Then here’s all you need to know to get new number plates.

Why Do You Need Replacement Number Plates?

Now you must be wondering why would need a replacement for your number plates? There can be many reasons. Number plates can come loose when applied with adhesives. Many times, the laminations wear off and the numbers come off along with it. If ignored, these may end up costing you up to £1000 in fines for inappropriate number plates.

The added threat of theft might also force you to get replacement number plates. Stealing number plates is a common practice amongst motor thieves who put the stolen number plates on a similar vehicle model in order to pass it off as genuine. Getting anti-theft number plates replacement might be a good idea to combat this problem.

A more problematic situation that inappropriate number plates can cause is that you might fail your MOT test. Your best course of action if your number plates are not up to the mark is to get a replacement at the earliest.

How to Get Replacement Number Plates?

Getting replacement number plates is not difficult nowadays. The process is pretty simple. You get in touch with a number plates supplier. A good supplier will demand to see your documents that provide proofs for your identification, registration, work details, address, and so on.  After the documents are checked and everything is found in order, it’s time to select a design for your number plates.

According to the new rules by DVLA, number plates have to adhere to the latest guidelines. Number plates must be made from a reflective material that can be easily picked by the ANPR cameras. The front number plates must have a white background with black characters whereas the rear plates are required to have black characters on a yellow background. Any kind of design on the background is prohibited.

Designer number plates such as 4D plates are allowed as long as they are single-colored. Two-tone number plates and 3D plates are banned under new guidelines by the DVLA.

Where can You Get Replacement Number Plates in UK?

Easy Number Plates is a leading name in replacement number plates. We offer high-quality number plates that are built to resist impact. Our number plates are water resistant, shatterproof, highly reflective, and protected against sunlight so that they do not fade over time. Not just that, we are licensed by the DVLA so you know you are getting a quality product when you buy with us. For the latest designs and offers, get in touch with us!