8 Recent Changes Affecting Driving Laws & New Number Plates
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8 Recent Changes Affecting Driving Laws & New Number Plates

2022 seems like the year of changes in the UK. In 2022, more and more Clear Air Zones will be witnessed across the UK, on the other hand, some driving rules will be strict than ever. The only way to keep yourself immune from hefty penalties is to be notified of the laws beforehand and drive accordingly.

Here are 8 recent amendments that every driver needs to know to drive safe and stress-free on the roads of the UK. 

8 Changes Affecting Driving Laws and New Number Plates

  • Laws Regarding Mobile Phone Use: Everyone knows it is illegal to call or message while driving (until it is a life threat). With effect from this year, the laws will expand to ban drivers from using their phones completely – even if it is for taking pictures or making videos.

The law indicates that “anyone caught using the phone while driving will have to pay £200 as a fine”. Although, drivers can continue to use the device hands-free for sat-nav only if the device is secured in a cradle.

  • Laws Regarding New Number Plates: The new number plate laws were released on 1 March 2022 that will directly affect thousands of drivers driving on British roads. New cars manufactured from 1 March 2022 to 31 August 2022 will be registered with a 22-plate.

From 1 September 2022 onwards the new cars will be registered with 72-plates till 28 Feb 2023.

Again, from 1 March 2023, the new 23-plates will come into force for cars registered on or before 31 August 2023.

From 1 September 2023 new cars will have 73-plates and so on. To avoid inconveniences, get your number plates only from a DVLA-certified number plate maker.

  • The surge in Vehicle Excise Duty: Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) is all set to increase in 2022. The tax you pay will be dependent on the age of your car and how eco-friendly it is.  
    • CO2 Emission/km: 255g or more CO2 emission per km, Fine: Before – £2,245 and Now – £2,365.
    • CO2 Emission/km: CO2 emission in-between 226g and 255g per km, Fine: Before – £1,910 and Now – £2,015.
    • CO2 Emission/km: CO@ emission in-between 76g and 90g per km., Fine: Now- £120.
    • CO2 Emission/km: Zero CO2 emission vehicles like electric vehicles, Fine: Exemptions on congestion charges, ULEZ charges, and attract £0 VED.


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  • Laws Regarding Fuels: This transition had an impact on the businesses more than the vehicles. With effect from 1 April 2022, the government has declared red diesel and rebated biofuels illegal to use. Red diesel powers heavy machinery like bulldozers and cranes to power drills for oil extractions.
  • Speed Limiters in New Cars: With effect from 6 July 2022 all the newly manufactured cars will have speed limiters. The Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) with the help of GPS will work on the speed limit and ensure that the driver is not over speeding. ISAs will be seen in all the new cars manufactured after 6th July 2022.
  • More Clean Air Zones: London’s clean air zones (renowned as ULEZ) attract a fine of £12.50 per day for drivers driving highly polluting vehicles on top of the congestion charges. This year, the government is extending Clean Air Zones from Greater Manchester to Bradford and Birmingham as well.
  • Benefits In Kind Rates: BIK rates will also rise by 1% with effect from April 2022. Electric cars producing under 50g of CO2 will attract 2% charges while all the other fuel-laden cars will see a surge of 1% in their BIK rates regardless of their CO2 levels.


Prior knowledge is better than paying heavy penalties. While Easy Number Plates suggests considering an EV for your next 4-wheeler purchase and get road-legal 3D gel plates or 4D number plates.