Caravan plates

Caravan plates

Caravan Number Plates

For all caravan lovers, nothing’s more satisfying then owning a motorhome that not only makes you feel comfortable when you’re inside the caravan, but also looks the part on the outside. To add a touch of class get a number plate that’s personal to you, so that people will recognise your caravan everywhere you go! With endless styles, fonts and badges we can give you that finishing touch, like the icing on a cake, and with our wide range of plates to choose from you can certainly make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Our number plates are made to regulations set by the British Standards (BS AU 145d), and we can ensure that they are of highest quality. Plates manufactured by us are 100% road legal and carry our trading name and postcode 2 mm (tall). If you already own a personalised number plate, but it has seen better days, then contact us for an MOT compliant number, and we will help you renew it.