BMW Number Plates

BMW Number Plates

BMW don’t just build cars? No! they most famous for building rigid 2 doors to performance M3’s. BMW M Sport create a thrill and fascination that satisfies your hunger for something phenomenal. And for something as unique as BMW cars, the vehicle number plates have to be on par with the vehicle that has a history of reinvention since its birth. Keeping the reputation of the brand in mind, we at Easy Number Plates strive to give our best to the customers who love their vehicle. We offer them a wide range of styles, fonts and badges to choose from, hence allowing them to give the look they desire for the ultimate driving machine.

We don’t just make BMW number plates, but we also make sure that the ones designed by us adhere to the regulations set by the British Standards (BS AU 145d). We ensure that our plates are durable, reflective, impact resistant and carry our trading name and postcode 2mm (tall).

Why degrade the look of your prized possession with old, worn, cracked or broken vehicle number plate? Why not get a MOT compliant number plate from us? We manufacture only the best fully 100% road legal plates, offering a choice of legal fonts, materials and badges. Our plate builder allows you to design, view and order your plates online.





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