Classic vehicles have an astounding draw about them, inspiring admiration and interest from even the most casual observers. It is understandable why such growing demand has marked these vintage cars with hefty price tags- their beauty and craftsmanship are unparalleled to this day. This can be attributed to the physical labour that often came hand-in-hand when manufacturing a car; the skill required to create these machines back in their heyday cannot be compared to that of modern technology. Furthermore, classic vehicles wouldn’t look as good without their iconic black and silver number plates from an era gone by, which are a testament to their historical relevance. There is something truly special about classic cars that attract attention instantaneously- their romanticism may never go out of date. Now, as car manufacturers adopt a more technologically inclined approach to creating their vehicles, the result is often seen in the lack of authenticity of their cars. This doesn't mean, however, that 'classic' cars have gone out of style. Companies like Bentley and Rolls Royce have proven that there is still a large market for heavier price tags with buyers responding to their cutting-edge designs and traditional engineering. While this may not reflect the mass production and efficiency desired by many big automotive companies today, it certainly reflects an appreciation many people have for the craftsmanship and integrity these older-style cars bring.
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    What is a black license plate?

    A large number of classic and vintage car owners prefer the sleek look of a black license plate. These plates usually feature silver or gold characters on a field of solid colour, typically black, although some states also permit blue or green. This type of license plate further adds to the nostalgia of these vintage vehicles, which are often lovingly restored and maintained. Other drivers can quickly recognize an older vehicle with its distinctive License Plate. The black license plate can also be seen as evidence that the owner takes great pride in their vehicle’s history and is dedicated to its preservation.

    Are classic black and silver number plates legal?

    The classic black and silver number plates are legal, but limited to only certain vehicles. To be eligible, the vehicle must have been manufactured and registered before 1980, which has earned it a place in the vintage category with permission from the DVLA and UK law. Those wanting this type of plate for their classic car will require help from a specialist such as Easy Number Plates. Alternatively, some may just want them for show events but unfortunately, proof of age is still required. Unless correctly documented it won’t be possible to manufacture black and silver plates for ineligible cars.

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    When did black number plates stop being manufactured?

    Black and silver number plates have a lot of history, as they were originally attached to vehicles in 1903. They carried on being issued for plenty of years, with many remembering them from the pre-1980s era. As time moved on, their use began to slowly diminish and eventually phased out when yellow and white plates began to be issued to all new vehicles in 1968. These days there are rules about reserving black and silver plates for any car built before 1st January 1980 – that way those who wish to preserve its classic charm can add a bit of nostalgia to the roads.

    What are vintage license plates made of?

    Vintage license plates bring an air of classic style to any car! Made primarily of aluminium, they are a popular choice for both their aesthetic value and durability. Not only do vintage reg plates look great and give vehicles a unique flair, but they also stand out amongst traditional black plates at car shows. Additionally, these metal license plates help protect your favourite ride when it’s in the garage or being driven around town. They make an excellent way to enhance any classic or vintage vehicle!

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    Do we do motorcycle vintage plates?

    Owning a vintage motorcycle is like owning a piece of history. It takes you back to the time when film stars, like James Dean and Steve McQueen, would ride their motorcycles off into the sunset. With all the nostalgia connected to these classic bikes, nothing lifts their appeal better than appropriately sized vintage plates. We offer exactly that – specially tailored 9″X7″ motorcycle-size vintage number plates! So if you are somebody who owns one of the coolest machines ever made (we can’t complain!) don’t settle for those dull modern license plates – jazz up your ride with a vintage plate instead!

    Can I put vintage number plates on my new car?

    At Easy Number Plates, we receive many queries from customers interested in putting vintage number plates on their new cars. While this would make for a stylish look, unfortunately, it’s not possible – vintage number plates can only be applied to vehicles manufactured before 1980 due to legal regulations. However, to ease the disappointment of modern car owners, the rolling regulation means that it won’t be long until vehicles over 40 years old will be eligible for landmark number plates with their own stories and histories attached to them. For those interested in recreating the classic style of these plates, they can always use our classic car number plate builder! If you have further questions about retro, classic or black-and-white alternatives for your vehicle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we’ll be more than happy to help out.

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