Number plates for trailers are a surprisingly common request at Easy Number Plates. When you're towing a trailer, whether that be your motorcycle or horsebox, having to display your number plate is essential. With the correct number plates, you comply with the law and can continue on your journey without worrying about it being obstructive. Compared to when the law first came into place, obtaining and fitting number plates for trailers has become fast, easy and affordable - giving you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to get off the ground running with whatever your towing needs may be.
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    Do I need a number plate for towing a trailer?

    We often get asked if a trailer needs to have a number plate, and the answer is an unequivocal yes! According to DVLA regulations, trailers must display the registration of the vehicle that is towing it, with a legally-made number plate adhering to British Standards (BS AU 145e). If you own multiple vehicles, you will need more than one trailer number plate – simply swap them out to match whatever vehicle you are using for towing.

    What size are trailer number plates? Do you offer a square trailer number plate? 

    Trailer reg plates must conform to DVLA standards to be permitted on the road and adhere to all the same regulations as any standard number plate. This includes the font size and correct spacing between letters, as well as the fact it’s required for trailers that their rear number plate should be yellow – in line with the rear plate of the towing vehicle. Thankfully we offer a huge selection of various types of trailer registration plates tailored to meet all the requirements demanded by law. These range from UK sized520mm x 111mm high-quality acrylic plates, pressed aluminium designs or a more square 4×4 style 280mm x 203mm option. Each type meets specific individual needs and preferences, so no matter what look you desire you should be able to find it here.

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    Trailer number plate law

    Having the right information about trailer number plate law is vital for those who are looking to tow heavier loads. Depending on the weight of the Trailer and Towing Vehicle, there will be different regulations in place. For example, you can drive a car or van up to 3,500kg maximum authorized mass (MAM) towing a trailer of up to 750kg MAM. If you’d like to tow anything heavier than this, then you’ll need to pass a ‘Car and Trailer’ test. Also, you must ensure that the trailer has the same number plate as the vehicle you’re towing it with which can be seen easily from other vehicles on the road. To gain an in-depth understanding of height and width limits when towing your trailer, we would advise that you look at DVLA’s advice regarding this matter.

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    Can I display a flag on my trailer registration plate? 

    Trailers don’t often get the same attention as their towing vehicles, but they too can be given a bit of personality. If you have a trailer that you’re as proud of as your car, you may be happy to note that you can display a flag or identifying letters on your trailer registration plate. This includes the Union Flag, Cross of St George, Cross of St Andrew (or Saltire), Red Dragon of Wales and the letters GB (Great Britain), UK (United Kingdom), ENG (England), SCO (Scotland), CYM (Cymru) or Wales. Sprucing up your number plate with one of these options is sure to make your trailer complete – it’ll look just as smart and identifiable as its larger partner!

    Should I carry a spare trailer plate?

    Carrying a spare trailer plate is an essential part of preparing for your next journey. Whether it’s to the beach or a cross-country adventure, having a backup trailer number plate ensures that any issues that you may experience along the way won’t ruin your plans. Though if possible, ensure that the plate is securely fixed in its original spot and minimize the possibility of needing to resort to a spare. That way, you can continue with your journey with peace of mind.

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