Founded in 2003, Tesla has experienced explosive growth in the past few years and is now the world’s most recognisable electric vehicle brand. In 2019, it sold over 360,000 cars worldwide and this figure is estimated to be closer to 450,000 in 2020. Behind their impressive track record of success stands their influential CEO Elon Musk who funded their early work. He has guided Tesla well into expansion beyond the four wheels of vehicles. They now inspire a revolutionary clean-energy future with their infinitely scalable products for energy generation and storage.
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    Tesla Model 3 Number Plates

    The Tesla Model 3 is a popular and well-loved car from the manufacturer, and has seen much success in the past year after becoming the best selling car in the UK during December 2020. Number plates for the Model 3 are made of aluminium and designed to fit a standard UK size; however, many Tesla owners opt to take off these plastic holders so as to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing look to their vehicles. For those who choose this route, we offer a custom number plate size specially built for the Tesla Model 3: 790mm x 155mm, which fits perfectly within its slick crevice. Enjoy your new and improved Tesla Model 3 with this special number plate!

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    Tesla EV Plates

    Investing in a Tesla number plate provides the perfect way to top off your electric vehicle while also investing in the future of sustainable travel. At Easy Number Plates, our Green EV Plates have been available since 2020 and provide the ideal solution for those looking to support the shift away from petrol and diesel vehicles and get behind the growth of electric vehicles. With a set of Tesla number plates that come with or without an eye-catching green EV flash, you can let everyone know what’s under your hood! Check out Plate Builder now, start your design, and show off your Tesla pride!

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    Custom Tesla Plates

    We specialize in custom Tesla plates that allow you to take advantage of the local authorities’ allowances. We offer a wide range of options designed for specific vehicle manufacturers and models. Our team will work with you on an individual level to create the perfect plate that expresses your style and fits the contours of your vehicle precisely. We can even use other shapes if we don’t have one that matches your car exactly. No matter what type of plate you’re looking for, your perfect design is only a few clicks away with our Plate Builder’s custom Tesla plates!

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