Today, Suzuki is renowned worldwide for its commitment to providing quality automobiles at reasonable prices. Its bike line-up includes everything from a 125cc VanVan scooter to an 800cc V-twin cruiser, while the car's selection offers a wide range of Hatchbacks, 4x4, and SUVs - all styling with the iconic Suzuki logo. The company also builds ATVs for outdoor use and has forayed into the marine industry by manufacturing outboard motors for boats. Regardless of what you might be looking for in an automobile or marine engine, travelling on two or four wheels, Suzuki is sure to have something that meets your needs.
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    Suzuki’s Racing History

    Suzuki’s racing heritage can be traced back to 1974 when they entered two riders, Barry Sheene and Jack Findlay, into the 500cc Grand Prix World Championship. The team achieved considerable success with Sheene gaining two titles, followed by Marco Lucchinelli, Franco Uncini, Kevin Schwantz and Kenny Roberts Jr all adding to Suzuki’s tally of seven Riders World Championships. Twenty-one years after their first entry into the championship, in 2020 Joan Mir made history as the first Spanish victor in the MotoGP class for Suzuki in over 10 years. It was also their first-ever win in this particular class since it started in 2001.

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    Number plates for Suzuki motorcycles

    If you have a Suzuki motorcycle, you’re likely aware that you’ll need a number plate for your bike to ride on the roads. Luckily, Easy Number Plates provides quality Suzuki number plates for owners across the UK. Simply head over to our Plate Builder and enter your registration. Then, select ‘UK Standard Motorcycle’ from the Plate Type menu and choose from our range of Suzuki-approved options. Our Suzuki plates are of high quality and give your bike the perfect finishing touch!

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    Number plates for Suzuki cars

    Suzuki has become a hugely popular name in the motor industry and is known throughout the world for its racing heritage and superb range of motorcycles. However, Suzuki’s cars have become increasingly popular as well, with a wide variety of models available in the UK. With Suzuki parts being found all over the country, Suzuki number plates are no exception; all Suzuki cars use standard-sized plates which make them easier to find and replace when needed. To stand out on the road why not check out our Plate Builder for your Suzuki number plate that offers great 3D or 4D features? Our Suzuki number plates will bring life to your car – so take a look and see what you could be missing out on!

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