Japanese brand Subaru has been around for over half a century now, as it was founded in 1963 by Kenji Kita and is the automotive subdivision of Subaru Corporation. It is interesting to note that this company’s impressive history begins with the dissolution of 山 Nakajima Aircraft Company in the 50s. By initiating a project under the code name ‘P-1’ – known as ‘Subaru’ – Kita pushed his former employer into car manufacturing, releasing the 1500 model with a 1.5-litre 4-cylinder OHV engine in 1954 with only 20 units making it to production. Despite initial supply issues, Subaru powered on with inspirational success; they released many more models over the years, still found on international roads today. Subaru offers a unique driving experience for fans all over the world. The company describes its approach as 'Confidence in Motion', and with good reason: most of their models are equipped with boxer engines and all-wheel drive, allowing drivers to tackle even the most challenging terrain. Besides that, their partnership with Toyota has made it possible for them to create the BRZ model; while still maintaining some of those distinctive features, it's engineered specifically to deliver exceptional performance on regular roads and highways. Plus, all these cars are produced at home in Japan, where their headquarters is located in the Ebisu district of Tokyo, establishing a sense of trust with customers across the globe.
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    Motorsport Achievements

    The Subaru World Rally Team has a long and illustrious history in the world of motorsport, particularly with their impressive successes in the World Rally Championship (WRC). The roots of this success can be found in 1980 when Japanese manufacturers took part in WRC events. However, it was not until 1989 when Prodrive took charge that they really began to shine. Their partnership led to the relocation of the team’s headquarters from Japan to Banbury, Oxfordshire and marked the beginning of their incredible luck. With their challenger vehicle, Subaru Impreza WRC, they went on to win an impressive record 46 rallies and 3 Constructors World Championships as well as 3 Drivers World Championships. They have had some stellar drivers behind the wheel including Colin McRae and Richard Burns from Britain. All in all, Subaru have been a dominant force in Motorsports for decades now – due largely to their diligent efforts over the years.

    Colin McRae was an enormous part of Subaru’s history and success in motor racing. When he began his career in 1993, McRae quickly proved himself as a tireless racer, winning three World Rally Championship (WRC) titles before eventually moving to Ford in 1998. His triumphs were so great that McRae was even awarded an MBE for his achievements! Despite leaving the team, McRae left his mark on Subaru; allowing them to establish the sturdy presence they have in the rally world today. Following McRae’s departure, Richard Burns stepped up and allowed Subaru to continue with its success in rallying. In 2001 he became the first Englishman to win the WRC title and, such was his accomplishment, a special edition Subaru Impreza RB5 was named after him!

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    Subaru has an impressive record of commendations, from a host of car reviews, safety ratings and performance tests. As a result, the substantial durability of their cars is something that many owners appreciate; some have been known to last over 15 years and still perform as good as new. Furthermore, they are known to do very well in inclement weather due to higher ground clearance when compared to many of its competitors – making it a great choice for anyone living in wet or icy climates. Subarus also boast good energy efficiency when it comes to fuel usage and overall emissions. All these attributes clearly indicate that Subarus should be far more popular than it currently is!

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    The Subaru Impreza

    The Subaru Impreza has been delighting owners for five generations since its 1992 debut. This popular model has proven to be one of the most reliable cars out there and is easily modifiable to suit your personal tastes or needs. An iSeeCars study in 2019 crowned the Impreza as likely the lowest-depreciating sedan in the US market after 5 years – an impressive feat indeed! Its wide availability and durability make it a much sought-after family car that is sure to please any driver.

    It’s not a surprise that Subaru Impreza cars have become so popular over the years. Not only are they reliable, sturdy and come with boxer engines and symmetrical all-wheel drive, but there are also various models for you to choose from. Even when it comes to Subaru number plates – one of the most customization aspects of this vehicle – you have a chance to stand out from the crowd even further. This is especially true for the 2003-16 model of Impreza where the car can be fitted with a custom number plate measuring 552mm x 170mm, which is located at the rear of the vehicle. So if you’re looking to give your Impreza an extra something special with only one single replacement plate, then this would be something definitely worth considering.

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