Skoda is an iconic name in the world of car manufacturing, and for good reason. Not only was it founded as far back as 1895, but since 1991 it has been a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. What's more, its headquarters remain in the Czech city of Mladá Boleslav to this day. This makes Skoda one of the oldest car manufacturers still operating today right up there with brands like Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Tatra and Opel. It truly is a hallmark name in vehicle production that has stood the test of time. While Skoda had a reputation for subpar build quality and reliability before Volkswagen’s takeover during the 1980s, the Czech company has come quite a long way since then. In 2020, WhatCar included several Skoda models in their list of ‘Most Reliable Used Cars’ comprising the latest versions of the Kodiaq (2016-), Octavia (2013-2020), Karoq (2017-), Fabia (2015-), Superb (2016-) and Citigo (2012-). This serves as a testament to Skoda’s transformation from an unreliable manufacturer to one of the most reliable out there, something which can largely be attributed to Volkswagen’s guiding hand.
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    Skoda in Motorsport

    Skoda has been a part of various motorsport events since its early years. They first joined the FIA World Rally Championship in 1999, using their Octavia VRS as their chosen car. This model had several highlights, most notably, Armin Schwarz’s third-place victory at the 2001 Safari Rally in Kenya. Since 2003, Skoda switched to the smaller model Fabia for their rally vehicles and this proved to be successful with drivers such as Jan Kopecký, Francois Duval and Colin McRae leading the championships. This example of competitiveness continues to this day and is evidence of Skoda’s dedication to being involved in exciting motorsports events.

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    What Size Are Skoda Number Plates?

    Skoda models are well-suited to drivers in the UK – not only do they provide great performance, but they also make the process of fitting number plates hassle-free. Skodas have been designed to easily accommodate the standard measurements of UK number plates – 520mm x 111mm – without any difficulty. So for drivers looking for a dependable car that doesn’t let them down on registration formalities, Skoda is a great option.

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    The Number Plate For Skoda Rapid

    Skoda’s Rapid is a small saloon that was sold in core European markets between 2012 and 2019. Since its discontinuation, Skoda drivers have been looking for the perfect number plate to match their vehicles, with UK Large Rears providing the cavernous space that Skoda drivers need on the rear of the vehicle. If you’re a Skoda owner who wants to add a custom Skoda number plate to your Fabia, Octavia or Superb, our Plate Builder is the perfect tool to do just that. With so many options available, choosing your Skoda number plate has never been easier.

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