What are show number plates? Show number plates are the perfect way to give your vehicle an extra touch of style and personalisation. These plates are highly customisable, allowing drivers to make them unique to their taste. Such plates might feature lettering like 'DANNY' or 'FERRARI', making them a great conversation starter when you've got company over. However, it is not allowed to drive a car with show plates on public roads in the UK, so whenever you're out on the streets, these special plates will need to be removed. If you're interested in getting show number plates for yourself, then get in touch with Easy Number Plates today!
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    What can my show plates look like?

    Show number plates are a great way to add a personal touch and stand out from the crowd. From classic numbers to bold badges, it’s possible to customise UK show plates in various ways creating a unique look. With our online number plate maker, you can explore all the options available and design your perfect show plates on cars, knowing they will be made with premium quality materials. You’re sure to take inspiration from our range of designs, so why not get designing today?

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    Are show plates legal?

    Show number plates are widely known to be illegal, and those looking to purchase them should take extra precautions when doing so. Buying show plates from unregistered or less reputable suppliers can result in hefty fines and no real grounds for a return. For this reason, it is always advisable to go through a registered number plate supplier like Easy Number Plates, which requires valid DVLA documents to provide legal number plates. This way you can ensure that what you’re getting is legitimate and won’t result in getting into trouble down the line.

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    Can I buy motorcycle show plates?

    Motorcycle show number plates are becoming increasingly popular, and buying them is an easier task than ever thanks to our extensive selection. Our range features 3D, 4D and gel show plates as well as the more traditional pressed designs. We provide you with the freedom to create plates that truly stand out and match your most creative ideas. As one of our customers, you can be sure that we will go above and beyond to deliver cutting-edge designs right away.

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