What are short number plates? If you’re looking for short number plates, our custom-sized ones are the perfect accompaniment to your prized possession. Though the length of characters can't be altered, we offer width reductions that let you capitalize on your new private registration. Our neat and compact shortened number plates will take up less space while still carrying a personal touch. We can even provide extra customization with ‘V’ cut sides and an oval finish, as well as helpful customer service so you get exactly what you need. No matter what personalized short plate experience you're after, we have it all in one place. Don't look past us for your ideal smaller number plate!
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    Are short number plates legal?

    Are you sitting there wondering if shortened number plates are legal? Well, don’t, because they are! Easy Number Plates manufactures and offers a wide range of small-number plates that can cater to any vehicle and any registration. Depending on your registration, the size of the plate we can laser cut for you will vary, so head over to our custom number plates page for truly bespoke short number plates. Whether it is front or back short number plates you need help with, we’ve got all your legal requirements in hand.

    Are short number plates DVLA approved?

    Short number plates are indeed DVLA approved, with all plates adhering to the legal spacing and British Standards. Not only that, but they offer a brilliant way to minimise the effect of plates on your vehicle without compromising on any regulations or laws. You get the bonus of adding a custom touch to your ride while remaining certified by the DVLA!

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    What size should a number plate be?

    The size of the legal full-sized registration plate in the UK is 520mm x 111mm. On new vehicles you can spot this style easily – however, should you require a personalised shortened registration plate to be smaller, we offer a host of different sizes. Our largest short number plate follows the slightly shortened seven-letter format, while the smallest size is for four letters. Therefore, if you’re looking for road-legal short number plates for a certain amount of letters, then we can assist!

    4 Characters: 287mm x 111mm
    5 Characters: 348mm x 111mm
    6 Characters: 409mm x 111mm
    7 Characters: 470mm x 111mm

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    Short Gel Number Plates

    Short number plates are an excellent way to add personality to your vehicle. Our 3D Gel and 4D Laser short registration plates combine style and easy readability, making them perfect for personalised plate enthusiasts! Easy Number Plates offers a wide selection of legal short number plates that are guaranteed to make your ride stand out. We have years of experience and are proud to provide UK-wide delivery, so no matter where you live, you can buy a unique, quality plate from us at an affordable price and have it on your car in no time.

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