Founded by the Spanish government in 1950, SEAT has come a long way since its establishment. Now operating as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen group after a buyout in 1986, SEAT boasted sales of more than half a million vehicles throughout 2020. Headquartered and its main manufacturing facility located in Martorell, just an hour away from central Barcelona, this renowned automaker has also stretched its boundaries to include another subsidiary company named Cupra which focuses on the production of high-performance vehicles. SEAT has been a respected car manufacturer for decades, having started in the 1950s with the SEAT 600. Based on the Fiat 600, this model became a symbol of Spanish mobility and freedom, widely exported all over the world. However, it was eventually replaced by the 133 model due to safety concerns. Moving into more modern times, SEAT has primarily focused on hatchbacks like the Ibiza and Leon while also dipping its toes into producing crossovers and SUVs such as the Arona, Ateca and Tarraco which have Volkswagen ownership. It is clear that SETA has grown from automobiles meant for practicality to cutting-edge vehicles with great style too.
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    SEAT in Motorsport

    SEAT has consistently been a mainstay in the world of touring car racing, having long competed both in the British and World Touring Car Championships. It has earned itself a reputation as a serious competitor, thanks largely to its roster of star drivers over the years. Names like Jason Plato, Yvan Muller and Rob Huff have all become legendary in motor-racing circles after driving for Seat with great success. It’s this stellar lineup that has kept the manufacturer at the forefront of touring car races year after year and secured its place as one of the leading forces in this exciting field of motorsport.

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    What size are SEAT number plates?

    SEAT number plates are a great choice for your vehicle, as they adhere to the UK standard size measuring 520mm x 111mm. In addition, there are SEAT-specific models available which allow you to fit custom-sized plates in the rear recesses of your SEAT model, meaning you don’t have to compromise on the look and feel of your car. With SEAT number plates you can rest assured that your vehicle is compliant with official UK standards and regulations.

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    SEAT Leon Cupra Number Plates

    SEAT owners rejoice! If you drive a SEAT Leon Cupra from 2012-16, our custom SEAT number plates are the perfect addition to its back end. Made to measure 790mm x 137mm, these SEAT plates let you show off your SEAT pride in style. So don’t wait. Head over to our Plate Builder today or drop us a line if you need help finding the SEAT plate that’s right for you. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team ready to assist you – so why not get in touch?

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