If you own a motorbike and want to customize it with a personal touch, then bike plates are a great option. We've got you covered whether you're looking for large or small motorcycle number plates; our range of materials and text styles give you plenty of choice in finding the perfect match for your project. The latest addition to our selection is our pressed metal bike plates; made from lightweight yet hardwearing aluminium these plates are eye-catching on any motorbike. Trust us when we say that once you find the right plate for your bike, it will look stunning! Motorbike number plates are an important part of any biker's journey, and with these thin aluminium embossed plates, you get durability and style. Created using German equipment that is used for all motorcycle number plates in Europe, the plates uphold against challenging elements thrown their way during daily rides. Measuring 9"x7" inches (230mm x 178mm), the size is standard for UK motorbikes and offers a sleek look to accent your ride. Adding one of these numberplates to your bike will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd while giving it a sturdy and protective barrier against natural wear and tear.
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    Are small motorcycle number plates legal?

    Small motorcycle number plates are legally allowed in the UK. Using cutting-edge laser cutting and CNC routing techniques, we create unique designs that still maintain compliance with DVLA regulations. This includes making sure the plate size, character sizing and spacing, and other details all adhere to the official law. For example, it is illegal to have a single line of characters on a motorcycle number plate – it must be two separate lines, one above the other. Despite this set of guidelines, there is still plenty of room for designing a custom bike number plate that fits perfectly with your ride.

    What is the smallest legal size for motorbike number plates?

    If you’re unsure about the smallest legal motorbike number plate size, this would depend on the registration mark behind it. According to current guidelines, specific measurements must be maintained in terms of the spacing between characters and the edge of the plate. These specifications must remain to create a legible display that is within the law. The shorter the registration mark, the smaller in size custom motorcycle number plates can be legally displayed

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    What size are motorcycle number plates?

    Motorbike number plates are usually available in the standard size of 9 x 7 inches (228mm x 178mm). While this may be the ideal size for some motorcycle owners, we understand that not every rider is looking for exactly this size. That’s why we now stock a range of small bike plates in various materials, designed to fit the measurements your ride requires. Customers now have the option to choose custom shapes and sizes, depending on the type of motorcycle they own. This provides an abundance of options when it comes to finding the perfect motorbike plate for you!

    Motorbike number plates allow riders to travel on their bikes with uniqueness and style. We have designed multiple number plate designs for a range of motorbikes including touring bikes, motocross bikes and sports bikes and are continuing to create more. Despite having to follow certain laws that must be adhered to, including preserving the visibility of the letters/numbers and constructing them by DVLA law and British Standard regulations, we strive to provide bike riders with an easy way of personalising their vehicle. Furthermore, with the introduction of new regulations that state all motorbikes manufactured after 1st September 2001 must follow a number plate size regulation, we can ensure these perfect fitting plates match your bike model precisely!

    When creating a license plate, achieving the perfect look is no easy task, and these rules are essential to follow to do it right. Characters must be 64mm tall, with characters (other than the number 1 or letter I) being 44mm wide. The thickness of the black print must be 10mm and the space between each character should also be 10mm. Additionally, 30mm of vertical space needs to be placed between the age identifier and the random letters that appear on the plate. To complete the plate, 11mm margins on each side of the top, bottom and side along with 13mm of vertical space between age identifier and random numbers need to meet certain requirements. Getting all these measurements correct doesn’t have to be a daunting task – just keep these guidelines in mind and you’ll have your license plate looking perfect in no time!

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    Motorcycle Plates Continued

    The type of registration plates that cover a motorbike made between 1st January 1973 and 1st September 2001 are subject to very particular regulations. Character height must be 89mm, with all characters (outside of the number 1 or letter I) being 64mm wide. The thickness of the black print has to be 16mm and each character must be separated by 13mm with 38mm left blank between the age identifier (year in which the motorbike was released) and random characters assigned to it. Finally, there needs to be a 13mm gap on all sides around the plate, as well as 19mm spacing between the age identifier and numbers.

    For those classic vehicles that were manufactured pre-1973, the requirements for number plates are slightly different. Characters must measure 79mm in height, with a width, excluding the letter ‘1’ or ‘I’, of 50mm. The stroke (black print) of each character has to be 14mm thick. Additionally, the space between characters must measure 11mm, and the gap between the age identifier and random letters 33mm. To finish off, there are 11mm margins on each side and top/bottom of the plate and the vertical space between age identifier and random numbers must measure 19mm. All these measures ensure classic car owners stay compliant with current number plate regulations.

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    Can I have black and silver bike plates?

    Motorcycle number plates are not something that you can simply request, as they also act as a form of identification; every bike must have its own unique one. However, if your vehicle was manufactured in the year 1979 or before then you may be eligible for vintage motorcycle number plates – black and silver pressed numbers which replicate those that were first issued to the vehicle upon its manufacture. In addition to giving your ride a classic look, these vintage plates are also exempt from tax meaning that applying via the DVLA is a great way of killing two birds with one stone!

    If you’re looking for the perfect number plate for your motorcycle, our custom plates are a great option. We use three standard materials: acrylic, premium acrylic and aluminium; all of which meet UK regulations such as BS AU 145e. You can view classic letters on your motorcycle number plates in black and silver, which are very similar to the ones used on cars – if this styling is what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team. As much as we would like to provide vintage styling for motorcycles too, unfortunately, this is not currently available via our builder.

    Motorcycle number plates law: Are motorcycle number plates legal on cars?

    Motorcycle number plates are not legal for display on cars, trucks or any vehicles that are not motorcycles. This is due to the regulations that set certain character sizing and spacing requirements for these plates which differ from those of standard UK car registration numbers. However, if you have a certain idea or want to achieve a specific look with your motorcycle number plates, then there is help available. You can contact our customer service team who will be able to guide you in finding something suitable. Alternatively, take a look at our number plate designer where you can create your unique number plate.

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