Although Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has been in business for only a relatively short time, its deep roots in the automotive industry extend back to 1917 when the Mitsubishi Shipbuilding Company released its iconic Mitsubishi Model A. This luxurious seven-seater was hand-built and includes some remarkable innovations for its time; however, its expensive price tag meant that it couldn't compete with the mass-produced cars of other markets. As a result, only 22 vehicles were built Rimming at the turn of the century, and in more recent history, it was ultimately Nissan that acquired a 34% stake in Mitsubishi Motors to form part of their global alliance with Renault. Thus, it is clear that despite its modest timeline as an official car manufacturer, Mitsubishi has created a great legacy of excellence and innovation throughout its many years in the warm running motor industry.
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    Mitsubishi in motorsport

    When discussing motorsport, most people think of Mitsubishi and their dominance in the World Rally Championship (WRC) through their famous Ralliart division. Since 1967, the Japanese carmaker has sent its models – including the Colt, Starion, Galant, and of course the much-loved Lancer Evolution (the ‘Evo’ to fans) – into rally events. And it wasn’t just WRC that Mitsubishi had success in: they also saw great results in 26 Dakar rallies between 1983 and 2009, claiming 12 victories overall. Not too shabby! It appears that when pitted against some of the fiercest terrains around the world, Mitsubishi can rise to meet any challenge – an admirable feat in any motorsport competition!

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    What size are Mitsubishi number plates

    Mitsubishi cars come with standard UK-size number plates, but some prefer to fight the blandness and spice things up with bigger, square Mitsubishi licence plates. Certain models such as the Mitsubishi Outlander can take a 780mm x 150mm rear number plate, which fits perfectly in its recess like it was made for it. Other Mitsubishi models such as the Lancer Evolution may sport more rectangular plates usually fitted at the front of the car, giving it a unique touch. If you want your Mitsubishi to stand out at car shows or while taking a spin in the cityscape, consider custom Mitsubishi number plates as an option.

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    The future for Mitsubishi Motors

    The future for Mitsubishi holds promise as the company continues to navigate the evolving landscape of the automotive industry. With a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, Mitsubishi is poised to capitalize on emerging trends such as electric and autonomous vehicles. Leveraging its expertise in electric vehicle technology, Mitsubishi aims to expand its lineup of eco-friendly cars, catering to the growing demand for cleaner transportation options. Additionally, the company’s commitment to quality and reliability remains unwavering, ensuring that future Mitsubishi vehicles not only meet but exceed consumer expectations. As the automotive industry undergoes rapid transformation, Mitsubishi stands ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow, driving towards a future defined by innovation, sustainability, and excellence.

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