MG, one of Britain's original car manufacturers founded by Cecil Kimber in the 1920s, is known for its beautiful classic sports cars, roadsters, and coupes - a sight for sore eyes on roads around the world. Its glory days have since been marred with checkered ownership history and money woes in more recent years: MG went through 9 different owners from 1924 to 2005! It found new stability under SAIC, a state-owned automotive company based in China, that has owned the brand since 2005. With their help, MG has managed to restart production and continue providing the world with its beautiful vehicles.
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    MG in Motorsport

    The MG brand can trace its roots back to its origin as a performance-based automobile manufacturer, a legacy that it takes seriously even today. MG cars have been involved in motorsport since their inception, such as the original “Old Number One” car purpose-built by Cecil Kimber for the Lands End Trial auto race. 

    They experienced success and failure throughout their motorsport career, from the production and sale of open-wheel race cars to being limited in racing activity due to the 1935 Morris merger. Through it all, however, they are most notably remembered for Sir Stirling Moss’ massive speed records set at Utah with a 246mph Bonneville Salt Flats run. This is a testament to MG’s rediscovered commitment to performance which has seen its cars competing at increasingly prestigious levels of motorsport throughout the world.

    MG’s re-entry into the world of motorsport in the 1980s marked a new era for the brand as they faced financial hardship, despite this, MG continued to compete in significant high-brow events such as the World Rally Championship, Le Mans, BMC, and BTCC. Throughout their journey in the world of motorsport, MG made many impacts such as setting world records and writing history through their various successes. From its achievements through several competitions, MG has solidified its name as an iconic British automaker while paving a path towards even greater success.

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    MG Classic Models: MGB

    MG Bs are the poster child for classic British cars – and it’s no wonder why! This reliable sports car gained enough popularity in its 18-year run that it became the world’s most popular sports car. Stylistically, the MGB is an impressive ride – those who opt for a Pininfarina-style hatchback can enjoy the sleek look of a convertible with the practicality of four wheels. Affordable yet powerful and incredibly dependable, it’s easy to see why so many classic car enthusiasts have fallen head over heels for this iconic ride.

    The 1995 MGF / TF

    In 1995, MG announced the long-awaited MGF/TF sports cars, which immediately gained a lot of attention. Enthusiasts had been anxiously waiting for something a little more ‘usable’ after the disappointing RV8 in 1993. Thankfully, their wait paid off – the MGF was praised for its good handling and comfortable ride due to its impressive Hydra-gas suspension. People around the world who followed MG were delighted with this new model and soon enough, found themselves behind the wheel of this classic British sports car!

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    MG number plates size

    MG number plates can come in different sizes based on the make and model of the vehicle. For most MGs, standard UK car size plates will fit both in front and rear. These plates are easy to find through our builder, where you can create custom MG license plates with ease. But for MG ZTs, this won’t be the case. The unique design of the car means standard UK sizes won’t fit it, which is why we also produce specific MG ZT plates that are made to perfectly fit its contours.

    Number plates for the electric MG

    For owners of the MG ZS EV, there is now the chance to get your own personalized number plates with our new and exclusive EV number plates! With Plate Builder, you can customise an MG plate just for you, with your name incorporated into a stylish plate design. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t worry; our team are on hand to help with any queries you may have via email or message and will respond quickly. Show everyone that you care about the environment with an electric car-friendly number plate from Plate Builder today!

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