The legendary Mercedes-Benz brand has been a leader in the automotive industry since 1901. As a result of the merger between Benz & Cie and Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft, the first ever Mercedes-Benz vehicle was launched in 1926. One of the most notable early models produced by Mercedes-Benz is the 770, which is best known for being driven by Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany. Although most of these cars are now owned privately, some have made their way to various museums around the world. In addition to its renowned car models, Mercedes-Benz also created important tanks, trucks, and aircraft engines used during World War II. Thanks to their dedication to producing quality vehicles, Mercedes-Benz continues to be revered by vehicle owners all over the world. As a major player in the automobile sector for over a century, Mercedes-Benz are often seen as an industry pioneer when it comes to automotive technology and safety. From aircraft-style crumple zones and ABS helping to prevent skidding, to airbags reducing injury risk in collisions, they have played a part in making driving safer than ever before. In late 2019, they made changes to their structure which saw the company marque be re-established as a wholly owned subsidiary - Mercedes-Benz AG - managing the car and van divisions. HGVs and buses are now managed by Daimler Truck AG. With these recent structural changes, there is plenty of reason to believe that Mercedes-Benz will be continuing its history of innovation for years to come.
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    Mercedes Benz in Motorsport

    Mercedes-Benz has proudly maintained its strong heritage with the sport dating back to the 1930s. Popularly known at that time as the ‘Silver Arrows’, Mercedes raced their way into motor racing history and in 1954, registered under the name of Mercedes-Benz. The team was triumphant from early on with the first-ever Formula One World Championship won by Juan Manuel Fangio. Alongside him was Stirling Moss who confidently drove his way to success across six of the opening nine races. Tragically, Mercedes-Benz pulled out of competition later that year due to a catastrophic accident at Le Mans resulting in loss of life and injury for many spectators and drivers alike. From then onwards Mercedes have been part of a tumultuous relationship with motor racing highs and lows seen across almost 90 years.

    Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to Formula One, having had a long presence in the sport beginning in 1994. After supplying engine power to Sauber, they sponsored McLaren between 1995 and 2014 before switching to Force India (now Aston Martin). Additionally, they have been the sole power source for Williams F1 team since 2014. In 2010 Mercedes Benz took things further, purchasing a controlling stake in BrawnGP and went on to win the 2009 World Championship. Over the past seven years, Mercedes-Benz-powered Formula One teams have gone from strength to strength, amassing four of the highest Constructors’ Championships total in history with seven consecutive wins from 2014 until 2020.

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    What size are Mercedes number plates?

    Throughout the UK, we are renowned for our unrivalled selection of Mercedes number plates. Our collection includes plates that fit standard UK sizes, as well as custom plates tailored to models like the AMG GT, CLS, GLE and Viano van. Whether you need a stylish plate to complete your executive C-class saloon or an eye-catching number plate for your sporty SLK, Easy Number Plates is happy to assist with all your customisation needs. So reach out to us today or make use of our Plate Builder for a set of bespoke Mercedes Benz plates made just for you!

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    Mercedes Benz AMG

    Mercedes-Benz number plates featuring the iconic AMG logo signify a vehicle imbued with the high-performance pedigree of AMG, the renowned performance division of Mercedes-Benz. These plates denote a vehicle that has undergone specialized tuning and engineering, resulting in enhanced power, agility, and driving dynamics. The presence of the AMG logo on the number plate serves as a badge of distinction, symbolizing the fusion of luxury and performance synonymous with Mercedes-Benz AMG models. Whether it’s the thunderous roar of a V8 engine or the precision handling on winding roads, Mercedes-Benz AMG vehicles bearing these distinctive number plates exude an aura of exclusivity and exhilaration, captivating enthusiasts and aficionados alike with their unmatched performance prowess and unmistakable style.

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