The name 'McLaren' will always be associated with Formula One, as its founder Bruce McLaren established the iconic team in 1963. His passion for speed and innovation saw the team win its first race five years later in 1968. Sadly, disaster struck two years on when he was killed during a testing accident. Little did he know that his legacy would live on to become a symbol of excellence in both motor racing and automotive engineering. It all began when Ron Dennis, another British entrepreneur, started up the McLaren Automotive division in 1985 after merging his former ‘Project Four’ Formula 2 and Formula 3 teams with McLaren.  Fast forward seven years and they debuted their ground-breaking ‘McLaren F1 road car which skyrocketed their fame to international heights with its record-breaking 240mph speed clocked during its Guinness World Record run. Through Bruce McLaren’s genius and dedication, these feats are now shared by many with the ongoing success of the legendary team he established so well.
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    McLaren to date

    Limited runs help to make the McLaren range exclusive, and there’s none more so than the aforementioned Senna. Only 106 of these supercars were produced and it would be a rare treat to see one driving past on your daily commute! With prices ranging from £135,000 for the 540C up to £750,000 for the Senna – this isn’t a brand for small wallets – and it’s no surprise that celebrity owners include businessman Elon Musk, actor Rowan Atkinson and musician Nick Mason.

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    Does a McLaren need a front number plate?

    Every McLaren needs a professionally, British-standards-compliant front number plate to display on the roads; there is no exception. Choosing to put a number plate in the windscreen is illegal and can easily land you in serious trouble with the police too. That’s why here at Easy Number Plates we’ve built an intelligent and intuitive Plate Builder which allows you to customize your own McLaren number plates, so that you can confidently drive around on legal terms and proudly show off your identity!

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    Do McLaren’s need a specific size number plate?

    McLaren models do not require a specific size number plate, with the standard 520mm x 111mm being perfectly acceptable. For those wanting to add personalised plates, a short version can be requested should it contain five characters or less. If you’d like to go one step further and get a personally-tailored registration for your McLaren 570S, we can provide an accompanying 544mm x 162mm plate. We also provide custom sizes for the 650S, 720S and GT models if you want something truly unique for the rear of your car. Whatever your desired McLaren number plate looks like, most certainly make sure you’re in the right place!

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