Mazda has certainly come a long way since its roots in cork-making. Founded in 1920 as Toyo Cork Kogyo, the Japanese company first established itself by introducing the three-wheeled Mazda-Go truck in 1931. They sold only that model for an impressive 14 years!  Following that, they reintroduced themselves to the automotive industry by engineering and producing a variety of vehicles and even the Wankel Rotary Engine which made them stand out among their Japanese competitors. Today, Mazda is internationally recognized for its advanced technology and consistent quality. 1973 was a pivotal year for Mazda, as the eruption of the oil crisis marked the first time Mazda felt its effects. Fuel efficiency became a desirable attribute in vehicles and as the rotary engine had become synonymous with Mazda's name, its popularity began to dwindle. 1975 also failed to be a prosperous year for Mazda due to their reliance on the US market and an overall less efficient process than other automakers in Japan. It seemed like a tough end in sight, however, aid from Sumitomo Bank saved the company. To turn their business around, Mazda diverted their focus towards perfecting their rotary engine and producing many lightweight models that would better suit changing times, saving them from complete calamity.
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    Mazda the story to date

    Undoubtedly, Mazda’s success story is one for the books. Despite several technological and economic disruptions, Mazda showed remarkable resilience and rapidly bounced back from adverse market conditions in no time. Results picked up soon after, with Mazda emerging as the 22nd largest vehicle producer worldwide in 2020 with sales reaching an estimated 1.42 million vehicles worldwide between May 2019 and April 2020! This steady growth despite the cut-throat competition surely speaks volumes of Mazda’s capability and strength. That being said, it also helped build a loyal fan base over the years with many high-profile appearances in popular culture such as Fast & Furious and Need For Speed video game series. Undoubtedly, this is a well-deserved recognition for a brand that has had its share of trying times!

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    The Mazda MX-5

    The MX-5 has proved extremely popular since its launch in 1989 and is now the most famous model from Japanese car manufacturer Mazda. Winning fans with its agile drive, low weight and minimal complexity, it is held in the same regard as cars such as the Lotus Elan and Fiat 124 Spider, which both boasted an enjoyable ride. Even amongst newer vehicles like the BMW Z3 and Z4, this two-seater convertible has proven to be the most successful one of all – with more than one million units sold across the globe. It is no surprise that this impressive feat continues to attract motorists with its beautiful design and spirited drive.

    Mazda has been producing its legendary sports car, the MX-5, for two generations now and here at Easy Number Plates we are proud to offer Mazda number plates for both models. Both variations offer a custom Mazda plate option with unique dimensions: the 2004-15 model requires a rear plate of 547mm x 168mm while the 2016-19 variant needs one measuring 707mm x 128mm. Passionate Mazda drivers from all over can come together and make their Mazda special with our range of custom Mazda number plates. Visit our Plate Builder today and design yours.

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    Mazda’s future

    Mazda has always pushed the boundaries of design, and now with their premiere electric model, the MX-30, they are staking their claim for the future of emissions-free driving. This crossover provides equal amounts of performance, luxury, and style all in one package at a surprisingly affordable price. Their commitment to sleek designs translates directly from both their regular gas models as well as the MX-30. As an exterior example, it features ‘suicide doors’ that have previously been seen on the RX-8. On an interior level, Mazda is also providing generous equipment free of charge that is normally featured on higher trim levels. Performance wise, it will achieve 124 miles on a single charge. Its range may not be class leading but it should last throughout any town driving for most consumers. It is clear that Mazda has big plans for the future and we can’t wait to see more of what they come up with!

    What size are Mazda number plates?

    Mazda number plates come in standard UK sizes, measuring 520mm x 111mm. However, we also offer custom Mazda plates of various sizes that can be great for making a statement on your Mazda car. The largest plate size available is for the 2013-16 Mazda3 and measures 759mm x 149mm. If you’re looking for Mazda number plates, then check out our Plate Builder and create yours today!

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