Founded in 1914, Maserati has an illustrious history as one of the most luxurious sports car manufacturers in the world. What started with five brothers and some machinery soon grew into a multi-million-dollar enterprise that managed to navigate some challenging market conditions over the course of its more than 100-year existence. Nowadays, Maserati produces a mere 75,000 vehicles per year in order to maintain their position as an exclusive brand - and indeed their cars are still renowned for their quality construction and sleek Italian design. Furthermore, Maserati's commitment to craftsmanship and innovation further elevates them from the competition; allowing customers to enjoy a truly unique driving experience!
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    Maserati in motorsport

    Maserati had experienced success in motorsport with two Indianapolis 500 victories before 1940. However, the company faced a tragedy and withdrew from racing in 1957 following the memorable Guidizzolo accident, which was caused by a tyre blowout of a Ferrari 335s at a devastating 160mph speed. This crash killed Alfonso De Portago alongside co-driver Edmund Nelson, as well as 10 spectators, five of whom were unfortunate children. Such an event encouraged Maserati to permanently close its factory racing team and focus instead on the production of grand touring cars such as the 3500 GT to meet customer requirements.

    The Maserati Crisis Years

    The Maserati crisis of 1973 was a tumultuous time for the Italian automaker. With the growing oil crisis curtailing any expanding plans, domestic market instability due to austerity, and its ownership at Citroën going bankrupt just a year later, it seemed like the end of Maserati’s run. By 1975, Citroën announced liquidation and put its future in question. To prevent total demise, however, Italian powerhouses took charge and held meetings with Citroën officials in an effort to preserve its fate. After some hard-fought negotiations, they acquired an agreement that saw Alejandro De Tomaso and a state-holding company buying the company from Citroën. Eventually leading up to FIAT gaining full control of Maserati in subsequent years, this remarkable turnaround has gone on to shape what we know as modern-day Maserati today – quite the amazing feat!

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    The GranTurismo

    The Maserati GranTurismo is certainly a head-turner, made even more eye-catching with a custom Maserati number plate. Many models from Maserati have unique licence plate sizes. The GranTurismo made between 2017 and 2019 is no exception, the dimensions of 726 x 163mm being much larger than the standard UK number plate size of 520 x 111mm. First debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in 2007, this stunning 4-seater GT quickly became Maserati’s fastest model, reaching an impressive top speed of 187mph – which has since been overtaken by subsequent generations of this beautiful Italian coupe.

    The Maserati Quattroporte

    First released in 1964, the Maserati Quattroporte, which translates to “Four Doors”, combines the sports car engine with the luxury, space and comfort of a grand tourer. It starts at just over £80,000 in the UK and you can create an exclusive Maserati number plate for this behemoth with a rear measuring 716mm x 162mm. If you’d like one of these unique plates for your Italian pride and joy, head to our Plate Builder or get in touch!

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    Other Maserati Models

    Maserati number plates are gaining in popularity, and we offer a wide range of plate designs for many Maserati models including the Ghibli, Levante and GranCabrio. So whether you’re looking for a standard Maserati-sized plate or one specifically designed to fit your Maserati model, we have something to match your needs. Have a look through our selection and choose the one that bests suits your Maserati car by heading over to our website’s number plate builder – where you can create yours today!

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