JAGUAR NUMBER PLATES The Jaguar car company has long been a fixture of the British automotive industry, and their classic cars have become hugely popular as successors to Rolls Royce. Founded in 1933 by William Lyons as the Swallow Sidecar Company, it wasn't until 1945 that the company was officially renamed Jaguar. By 1966, the company had merged with British Motor Corporation, changing its name again to British Motor Holdings (BMH), and then again just two years later when it joined Leyland Motor Corporation becoming British Leyland. After several years on the London Stock Exchange, Ford Motors acquired Jaguar in 1990, quickly followed by Land Rover in 2000. It wasn't until 2008 however that Jaguar gained its latest owner in the Indian company Tata Motors. To show your love for such a classic British marque you could always invest in some distinguished Jaguar number plates, a wonderful way to honour this great automobile brand!  
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    What Jaguar number plates do you offer?

    Whether it is a set of alphabetic pairing up your initials with a special logo badge to commemorate an anniversary or birthday, or a series of numerals that are particularly lucky to you, Easy Number Plates have something for everyone — regardless of your make or model. All our number plates come complete with authentication certificates and road-legal markings to ensure that your pride and joy is safe on the open road. So if you’re looking for the perfect Jaguar license plate – look no further than Easy Number Plates.

    Jaguar is a well-respected manufacturer that offers many options for those looking to buy cars, from sports editions to executive saloons. The XE, XF and XJ models are all stylish executive saloon options, with the XF also available in a ‘sport brake’ variant. With these cars come different Jaguar number plates – one of our most common requests for license plates is the rear Jaguar XF number plate in particular. 2008-12 models of the saloon feature a custom rear number plate measuring 632 x 175mm, while 2012-15 Sportbrake variants measure 573 x 150mm. We’re happy to be able to provide these quality plates and others for beloved Jag drivers worldwide.When considering number plates for luxury Jaguar models, such as the E-Pace, F-Pace and i-Pace, there are a range of sizes to choose from. The largest plate available is on the E-Pace model, measuring 685mm x 180mm. Those who wish to purchase a smaller custom rear plate should look out for Jaguar F Pace number plates – these measure 527mm x 199mm. For drivers looking for an exact match for their vehicle, head over to our Plate Builder now for your perfect fit.

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    Distinguished Jaguar Number Plates for a great British classic

    If you’re a proud owner of a beloved Jaguar and want to turn heads, then why not get yourself some distinctive number plates for an added touch of class? Our plate builder contains a range of road-legal plates specifically made to fit your make and model. At the same time, we also offer a variety of customisation options for personalised show plates; simply input your registration details, and choose the style that best suits your need. Get yourself some serious Jaguar-specific plates today!

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    The future of JLR

    Whether it be due to their motorsports success in the 1950s or their insistence on continuing to manufacture their vehicles in Britain, Jaguar has become an integral part of British society and culture. Even though they now operate as a subsidiary under the Tata Group, a multinational conglomerate from India, many people still see the brand as one centred on British values. Undoubtedly, this is something that Jaguar has been banking on ever since they announced they would be making the move entirely to electric vehicles by 2025. This could bring another wave of heritage-infused patriotism into right car circles and possibly help boost the sale of new models manufactured in historic Solihull manufacturing plants. Only time will tell how successful this initiative will be, but for many, there is hope that this shift may herald in a golden age of high performing electric Jaguars on British roads.

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