If you're a horse lover, you know how important it is to make sure that your horsebox is properly equipped with the things that make travelling safe and legal. One of the most essential elements to have on your horsebox is a set of legal number plates. Keeping up with all the UK legislation concerning road safety and vehicle registration can be tricky, but at Easy Number Plates, we have done all the hard work for you. We offer a wide selection of road-legal horsebox number plates that allow you to personalise them with various designs so that they stand out as well. No matter what type of horsebox you own, our collection has just what you need!
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    What is a horse box?

    A horse box, also known as a horse trailer or horse van, is a specialized transport vehicle designed for the safe and comfortable transportation of horses. These vehicles typically come in various sizes and configurations, ranging from small trailers designed to transport one or two horses to larger vans capable of carrying multiple horses. Horse boxes are equipped with features such as partitioned stalls, ventilation systems, and secure tie-down points to ensure the safety and well-being of the horses during transit. Additionally, they may include amenities for the convenience of both the horses and their handlers, such as storage compartments for equipment and living quarters for overnight stays during long journeys. Horse boxes are widely used by equestrians, breeders, and transport companies for activities such as horse shows, competitions, and leisure riding, providing a reliable and efficient means of transportation for these majestic animals.

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    The format of horsebox number plates

    Horsebox number plates follow the same format as most other vehicle registration numbers. The two letters on the plate refer to where the car was registered first, followed by two numbers that show when it was issued and finally three random numbers. If you’re looking for an eye-catching plate, Easy Number Plates can help you get the perfect one for your horse box with no worry about the format. So don’t hesitate, to contact us now and let us help you find the right plate.

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    Why get your horsebox number plates from us?

    We understand that you want the best for your horse and horsebox number plates. That is why we have a qualified team to assist in every step of obtaining one. We are also sure to provide you with plenty of options so that you can get something suited towards both your personality and budget. Our wide selection of unique plates not only look good, but they make an impressionable mark whenever you hit the road!

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