The electric car revolution is gaining momentum! Taking a giant leap towards going electric, in 2020 the UK announced the launch of electric vehicle number plates - a surefire sign that times are changing. In an attempt to reduce emissions and give electric car owners an edge on the roads, the government is encouraging people to switch from petrol and diesel vehicles to electric ones.  So if you're driving around in your shiny electric car, you can be sure that everyone else will know about it! Get ready for heads to turn as electric cars become more prevalent - thanks to the green number plates, electric cars will be well recognized on the road.
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    Do electric cars have different number plates? 

    Electric cars have unique number plates that can easily be distinguished from standard number plates. With the same yellow and white reflective and acrylic material as normal, electric car number plates are made distinct with a small stripe of green in place of where a badge would typically go. The presence of this green stripe allows authorities to identify electric cars, making them eligible for certain benefits when travelling on roads. Green electric car number plates come as standard when purchasing an electric car, but if you do not wish to display them then contact your dealer beforehand.

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    The benefits of green number plates

    Electric car number plates are becoming more popular for their environmental credentials. While the full list of potential benefits will be down to local authorities to decide, some that have been explored include access to bus lanes, cheaper parking for electric cars, and free roaming in ultra-low emission zones. Electric number plates can be obtained from Easy Number Plates and can be easily fitted.

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    Is an electric car number plate worth it? 

    Electric car number plates are a great way to get the most out of electric vehicle ownership. With electric cars becoming more and more popular, electric car number plates have become increasingly beneficial in recent years. Not only do they provide cardholders with cheaper parking in some areas, but they also grant access to bus lanes in many cities around the world.  The benefits of electric car plates vary depending on where you are located, but any electric vehicle advantage is worth considering when it comes to saving time and enjoying smoother journeys.

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