Launched in 2009, DS Automobiles was the brainchild of automotive giant Citroën. Intended to bring luxury to the French marque offering, the ‘Goddess’ of cars (“Déesse” to use its French name) held a steady course until 2015 when it cast off from its originator and became an independent stand-alone brand. Whilst Carlos Tavares – Chief Executive Officer of PSA Group at the time – saw potential in the tiered structure between his two brands and kept manufacturing platforms in place, sales since 2012 have proven both brands significant investments; 664,607 sales worldwide due largely to those efforts. The Citroën DS3 (the original DS) was a revolutionary car when it came out and its popularity is clear from the number of awards it earned; Top Gear's 'Car Of The Year', 'First Supermini' four times in a row and the second 'Most Efficient Supermini'. In 2013, this model had an impressive 40% share of Europe’s premium subcompact market. Focusing on these successes, DS has continually grown its range of cars. Originally known for their small hatchbacks such as the DS3, they have moved towards family-friendly hatch-SUV crossovers like the DS3 Crossback. As well as this, they have expanded to include larger SUVs with the DS7 Crossback and executive saloons like the DS9. All in all, it's a testament to Citroën’s ambition that they have continued to build on the success of their original models, allowing them to really diversify their offering.
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    Citroen DS Cars

    DS cars are a great option for buyers looking to purchase a luxury vehicle in the same class. Despite the company’s relatively high price point, they offer plenty of value in terms of quality engineering, performance and styling. The DS3 Crossback is a good example of this; starting at around £23,000 and going up to more than £32,000 depending on how one chooses to spec it out, it competes well with its competitors like the Volkswagen T-Cross which starts at £18,500 while topping out at just under £27,000 with all of its options selected. Even though DS cars come with a higher price tag than other vehicles in the same category, many people still consider them an excellent choice given their amazing craftsmanship and design.

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    What size are DS number plates?

    DS cars display standard UK number plates of 520mm x 111mm in size, but some models also enable the use of specialised custom DS plates. The 2009-16 DS3, 2010-16 DS4 and 2011-16 DS5 all make use of a bespoke plate with different measurements – 635mm x 137mm, 670mm x 152mm and 657mm x 133mm respectively. Whether you’re looking for a replacement or want to create an entirely new set, you can use Plate Builder on our website to design your very own DS number plate. If you find yourself needing additional assistance, our expert team is here to help!

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    Citroen Motors

    Citroën, a pioneering name in the automotive world, has a storied history marked by innovation, avant-garde design, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Founded in 1919 by André Citroën, the French automaker has left an indelible mark on the industry with its revolutionary engineering feats and iconic models. From the groundbreaking Traction Avant, the world’s first mass-produced front-wheel-drive car, to the iconic 2CV, a symbol of practicality and simplicity, Citroën has consistently challenged conventions and redefined automotive norms. Renowned for its innovative suspension systems, including the legendary hydropneumatic suspension introduced with the Citroën DS, the brand has prioritized comfort and ride quality in its vehicles. Over the years, Citroën has continued to innovate with models like the Citroën C3 Aircross and C5 Aircross, offering distinctive styling, advanced technology, and efficient powertrains. With a legacy of innovation and a commitment to bold design, Citroën remains a dynamic force in the automotive landscape, continually shaping the future of mobility.

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