Since its founding as the Dodge Brothers Company machine shop in 1900, Dodge has become a leader in automotive technology and one of the best-known brand names in the world. Initially providing parts to Detroit-area vehicle manufacturers such as Ford, Dodge began producing automobiles of their own in 1914. In 1928, the company was absorbed by fellow American company Chrysler and developed legendary models like the Viper, Charger, Ram, and Challenger.  In 2011, Dodge split into two divisions: one for the marque itself and another called Street & Racing Technology (SRT) which specialised in sports and performance vehicles, among which was the Viper. To this day, Dodge remains one of America’s premier car companies and continues to be an innovator in automotive technology.
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    The Dodge Viper

    The Dodge Viper is a classic two-seater supercar that has been produced since 1991 and held five generations until 2017. Every Dodge Viper came equipped with an 8-litre V10 engine, with its first generation featuring 400bhp and getting increasingly powerful as the years went by, reaching 645 bhp on the final edition. 

    Despite their massive power, Vipers were not hugely popular in the UK, however, you might be able to hunt down a pre-owned model if you look hard enough. And if you do get hold of one, don’t forget to shop for some custom Dodge number plates! Whether you’re looking for a bespoke design or a replica of approved Dodge designs, we provide everything you need to make your Dodge stand out from the rest.

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    What size are Dodge number plates?

    Dodge number plates sold in the UK must adhere to standard sizing with a minimum measurement of 520mm x 111mm. If you want something a bit different, then it could be possible to design a bespoke Dodge licence plate specifically tailored to your vehicle. All you need is the dimensions and our number plate builder will get you started on designing this special number plate for you

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    Custom shaped Dodge number plates

    Purchasing custom-shaped plates for your Dodge is an opportunity to elevate the personality and style of your vehicle to new heights. Beyond the standard license plate, custom-shaped plates offer a unique way to showcase your passion for your Dodge vehicle. Whether you opt for a plate shaped like the Dodge logo, emblem, or an iconic model silhouette, each custom plate becomes a statement piece, reflecting your individuality and love for the brand. These plates not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of personalization and flair to your Dodge, making it stand out from the crowd. From classic muscle cars to modern performance vehicles, custom-shaped plates are a subtle yet impactful way to enhance the aesthetics and presence of your beloved Dodge.

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