Throughout its long and illustrious history, Chevrolet has produced some of the greatest cars in automotive history. From the iconic Camaro to the rock-solid Silverado pickup trucks, Chevrolet has developed a reputation for building reliable and efficient vehicles that appeal to all kinds of drivers.  Chevrolet has long been an iconic American brand, and its Detroit headquarters is where the majority of its vehicles continue to be sold. To broaden its reach and compete with more prestigious global consumer brands, in 2005 General Motors introduced a new strategy – rebadging several of their Daewoo vehicles as Chevrolet models. This saw traditional Daewoo vehicle lines such as the Matiz become part of the Chevrolet stable, offering a more accessible vehicle to customers around the world. Unfortunately, it wasn't sufficient enough and in 2013 GM scrapped its plans to expand further into European territories selling Chevrolets, leaving only two models available today.
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    Chevrolet Number Plates

    Chevvy, as they are fondly known by car enthusiasts, have been doing well in recent years with their sports cars. The Camaro and the Corvette, two of their best-known models outside of the United States, have been consistently popular in Europe and the UK. The Camaro has more of a muscular appeal while the traditional sports car look is more evident in the Corvette. At present, only the Corvette Stingray is available in the UK market. Chevrolet further solidified their success when, in 2012, it signed a sponsorship deal with Manchester United Football Club which allowed them to become its automotive sponsor two years later. Seven years into an agreement worth $560m later, Chevrolet became Manchester United’s primary shirt sponsor. It’s safe to say that Chevy has had immense traction over the last decade with businesses and everyday drivers alike!

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    What size are Chevrolet number plates?

    Chevrolet number plates in the UK are of a standard size, measuring 520mm x 111 mm. For those looking to import Chevrolet models to gain access to exclusives not available otherwise, we can provide plates tailored to these imports. Our Plate Builder is stocked with a wide range of imported Chevrolet plates which makes getting the original look and feel of your Chevrolet a breeze. Get Chevrolet-specific replacement plates or personalise your American dream vehicle however you choose – either way, we have you covered!

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    Chevvy Custom Sized Plates

    Chevrolet number plates are more than just identifiers; they’re a symbol of the proud legacy and enduring spirit of one of America’s most iconic automotive brands. Each Chevrolet number plate signifies a connection to a storied history of innovation, performance, and reliability. Whether adorning a classic Chevrolet muscle car or a modern-day electric vehicle, these plates serve as a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. From the bustling streets of urban metropolises to the winding roads of rural America, Chevrolet number plates are a ubiquitous sight, embodying the spirit of adventure and freedom that the brand has come to represent. As Chevrolet continues to push the boundaries of automotive excellence, its number plates remain an enduring symbol of the brand’s heritage and its unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional vehicles to drivers around the world.

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