Carbon fiber number plates are fully compliant with UK regulations and feature characters and numbers with a carbon-like appearance. The font design creates a visually striking effect, resembling a three-dimensional look, despite the characters being flat on the plate. Increasingly popular among UK motorists, these plates offer a stylish means of personalizing your vehicle's appearance while adhering to legal standards for number plate design. Available for custom design on our website, these must-have plates can be delivered promptly, often the very next day if ordered before 2 pm. It's important to note that while carbon number plates are legally permissible for displaying registrations, they must adhere to all relevant UK legislation outlined on the DVLA website.
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    Why choose Carbon Number Plates?

    The introduction of 4D number plates has been a revolutionary development in the world of personalized automotive aesthetics. These incredible plates use laser-cut acrylic to give you a plate design tailored to your exact specifications. In comparison to existing plate styles, the 4D plate offers unparalleled quality and customisation with its raised aesthetic; adding an extra level of personalisation and luxury to ensure that your car stands out from the crowd. Whether you’re in the market for something subtle or something bold, you can rest assured that with 4D number plates, you won’t be disappointed!


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    Are Carbon Number Plates Road Legal?

    Undoubtedly, carbon-style registrations offer a trendy means to display your vehicle’s registration. However, the question remains: are carbon number plates legal? The reassuring answer is that, as long as they adhere to the regulations outlined in the Motor Car Act, carbon plates are fully permissible on UK roads. These regulations stipulate that the registration must be presented with black characters on a white plate at the front of the vehicle and on a yellow plate at the back. Additionally, the characters must be of equal height to each other. However, decorative patterns such as a honeycomb are not allowed on the characters.

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    By purchasing your carbon number plates from us, you can rest assured that you’re not violating UK laws. Our exceptional customer service and user-friendly online number plate designer guarantee that the carbon number plates you buy from us adhere to regulations. This means you won’t have to worry about failing your MOT test or facing scrutiny from authorities.

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