Our aluminium number plates are an outstanding choice for those looking for a number plate that is strong, clean-looking and reflective. Manufactured with thin and well-wearing aluminium, these plates can withstand harsh weather and intense use for many years to come. Whether you have a car, motorbike or trailer that needs to be displaying a number plate, our aluminium numbers plates will do the trick – making your vehicle not only look stylish but be much safer at night as the reflective feature increases visibility. So don’t hesitate to make the purchase today – you won’t be disappointed!
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    Are aluminium number plates legal?

    Aluminium number plates are certainly legal to purchase, use, and affix to your vehicle. Though most UK number plates are typically made of acrylic or plastic, these aluminium versions can still meet the British Standard for reflective properties and be road legal. It’s important to purchase aluminium reg plates through a reputable and registered number plate supplier, as they will ensure that the plates display the British Standards marking (BSAU 145e) to be legally used on UK roads. When purchasing from us, you can rest assured that you’re acting legally alongside our registered aluminium plate supplier.

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    Which cars can display aluminium number plates?

    Before 1972, the roads boasted a much more stylish look with the aluminium number plates on every car. This is a trend that some drivers may want to keep alive, however, rules do apply for optimum safety and visibility. Those who would like to display black and silver metal plates must have their vehicle registered before 1980 to fall into the ‘classic category’, making them eligible for such a sought-after style. This isn’t the only way though; metal number plates can still be displayed on any vehicle as long as they have the recommended reflective backing and all the necessary legal markings. Thin and flexible, these plates make for a luxurious feel which many people prefer, making it an increasingly popular option across the country today.

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    Aluminium Registration Plates and Pressed Plates; What’s the Difference?

    For those looking to purchase a new set of number plates, we offer both aluminium registration plates and pressed plates. The main difference between the two is in how they’re produced. Standard aluminium plates are made through a combination of applying reflective and adhering a printed plastic sheet onto the plate, while our aluminium-pressed number plates are made by pushing the plate into a hydraulic press and attaching black vinyl with characters or borders. Despite there being differences in production, each type of aluminium number plate has identical dimensions (520mm by 111mm) that make them road legal according to all regulations set out by the DVLA and Police.

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