Alpine is a French sports car brand that has been around since 1955, with a rich history to its name. It has come full circle in recent years; first being acquired by Renault in 1973, it then merged with the Renault Sport brand in 1976 and stayed that way for 40 years. Finally, 2017 saw the reveal of the new Alpine A110 and the relaunch of this iconic marque. In 2021, Renault took a retrospective approach and re-merged Renault Sport into Alpine - reflecting the company's beginnings. Together once more, long-term fans of Alpine can be sure that this beloved brand is back to stay.
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    Alpine and Motorsport

    The Alpine brand has a decades-long association with motorsports, first becoming known in the early 1960s. Their success was highlighted at Monte Carlo in 1971 when they achieved a podium sweep with first, second, and fourth-place finishes. In 1973, they went on to win five of the top six positions in a race that’s considered one of their greatest achievements. Unfortunately, a reorganisation at the end of 1976 saw them merge with Renault Gordini, forming Renault Sport. Despite this, some Alpine racing events still occurred; an impressive victory at the 1978 24 Hours of Le Mans is a testament to their continued success. Even today, Alpine continues to honour its rich motor racing history and keeps winning competitions around the world.

    The 2021 Formula One season promises to be an exciting one as far as Alpine F1 is concerned. After taking over from Renault Sport, the team has made a smooth transition- both in name and colour scheme. Admittedly, leaving the much beloved yellow and black behind was certainly difficult for some fans but the change has been well-received thanks to the stunning metallic blue that now adorns the cars. Accented by white and red, this is of course a nod to the colours of its home country, France- signalling Alpine F1’s identity as a distinctly French racing team. It raises expectations for their performance in upcoming races!

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    What size are Alpine number plates?

    An Alpine number plate is the same size as conventional vehicle number plates; measuring 520mm x 111mm in the UK. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, then we can create custom-sized plates specifically designed for the rear recess of your vehicle. This option would particularly be fitting for models such as the A110 which provides ample space for your new and customised plates. To take advantage of this service then get in touch with our team today who will be eager to help! Alternatively, if you’d like to keep a standard-sized plate but still customise it then why not check out our Plate Builder where designing and creating your own plates is easy and hassle-free?

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    Alpine Specific Number Plates

    Alpine number plates are more than mere identifiers; they embody the essence of precision engineering and performance synonymous with the Alpine brand. Each plate serves as a mark of distinction, adorning vehicles that boast unrivaled agility and driving dynamics. Whether affixed to a sleek sports car or a powerful SUV, Alpine number plates denote a commitment to excellence and a passion for automotive innovation. With a heritage rooted in motorsport glory, these plates symbolize a lineage of success on both the track and the road. As Alpine continues to redefine the boundaries of automotive performance, its number plates stand as a proud insignia, representing the pinnacle of French automotive engineering and design.

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