4X4 number plates are becoming increasingly popular, as they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to perfectly complement all types of vehicles. Whether you're tackling rugged terrain or tackling city life, you've got the freedom to choose from our range of top-quality, durable products that will always make sure you give off a good impression. When it comes to 4X4s particularly, their adventurous and sporty nature deserves something special when it comes to car plates; luckily we have the perfect solution.
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    4×4 Rear Number Plates

    If you’re looking for that extra touch of customisation for your 4X4’s number plate, then thankfully our new plate builder has got you covered. With the ability to add completely bespoke borders and badges, we are now taking this concept even further with our 4D and 4D neon number plates. As one of the first people on the sports road with this type of number plate, you’ll turn heads in admiration; not just for your car but also for your stylishly unique number plate.

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    Are your 4X4 Number Plates legal?

    4X4 number plates are a great way to express yourself and show off your car. Fortunately, Easy Number Plates offer only legal 4X4 plates made with materials that meet British Standards, so you can be sure that any purchase from them is road-legal. Better yet, all orders come with a three-year guarantee for extra peace of mind. They have an extensive range of other custom plates and trailer plates, too! Don’t wait – shop their selection today for the perfect license plate for your 4×4.

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    What size is a 4×4 registration plate?

    4X4 number plates are 11″x8″ (279mm x 203mm) as standard, but you can also receive bespoke sizes if you have your personalised number plate available in various materials such as ABS, acrylic or aluminium. If you need a tailored size to fit your vehicle specifically, then there is the option to get in touch with the customer service team who can guide you through the process of receiving your ideal registration plate.

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