3D Gel Number Plates, also known as 3D domed gel number plates or 3D gel resin number plates, are the premium option when it comes to vehicle registration plates. These plates are made from a polyurethane gel resin and applied to characters cut from a sheet, giving them a raised profile that gives your car the edge in style. Having a layer of this gel between the characters and the backing provides your 3D car number plate with a unique finish and an eye-catching gloss at the same time. Plus, with the black piano gloss, you can be sure your car stands out from the rest. Give your car that extra touch - get yourself some 3D-domed gel plates!
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    Are 3D Gel Number Plates Legal? Are 3d number plates DVLA approved?

    Wondering if 3D number plates are legal? The answer is yes! All of the specifications and options we offer for our 3D number plates meet British Standards (BS AU 145E) and are road legal, ensuring that high-quality standards are met. We’re one of the UK’s most popular legal 3D number plate suppliers and make sure our 3D license plates follow regulations set by the DVLA. So when needing a DVLA-approved legal 3d gel plate, or any other type of legal plate, know that we have you covered.

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    How do we make 3D gel number plates?

    We start by printing and cutting out characters of sizes that are legally compliant. After applying a premium-grade resin, we put the cut letters and numbers into our purpose-made low-heat oven to remove any bubbles. Once satisfied with the texture, we allow them to cool then peel off their high-strength 3M adhesive backing before placing them on your plates. Lastly, each set of 3D number plates is rolled through our airtight rollers, giving you a product that is ready for immediate dispatch.

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    What 3D number plates can I design?

    Customizing a car can be made even easier with the range of 3D Gel show plates available from us. Our 3D plates feature durable HDV Characters with a raised gel appearance that can bring your number plate to life like no other product on the market. You can choose from 4x4s, large rear plates, or even motorcycle plates for that added touch of style and control. We provide fully compliant reg plates which abide by all legal size regulations, so you can drive safe knowing that your 3D number plate is accepted across all of the UK’s roads.

    What is the difference between 3D and 4D number plates?

    This is a question that we are often asked. The demand for both 3D and 4D number plates has multiplied over the years and some customers get confused as to which is which. While both are part of our raised character collection and offer a dynamic edge to your plates, the difference lies in the materials and methods used to manufacture the characters. For instance, 3D gel number plates are made from a polyurethane gel resin, creating a smooth raised profile whereas 4D plates are made from solid acrylic giving more precision around the edges – making it more ‘boxed’. So although both may appear 3D in their appearance, 4D plates offer a completely different style.

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