Neon Number Plates

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What are Neon Number Plates?

Neon number plates are technically 4D number plates with vibrant colours like blue, yellow, orange, red and transparent coupled with the classic black colour. The ensemble includes black on the surface with your preferred neon shade at the bottom. At Easy plates, along with the classic neon plates, we exclusively provide 4D Oreo replacement number plates in which a neon shade is sandwiched between the black.

Get Your Neon Number Plate From DVLA-Certified Easy Number Plates 

Are you looking for a premium neon number plates? Easy Number Plates is your destination. We make bespoke personalised as well as replacement number plates with neon aesthetics. Number plates you can flaunt along with your favourite car while cruising through the roads of the UK.

Get fancy and vibrant neon number plates in the UK or show plates to add a “borderline abstract neon” look to the black bold Charles Wright fonts of your number plates.

Book your number plates in 4 easy steps:

  1. Pick your 4D neon licence plate from the catalogue
  2. Fill in the form for details
  3. Click Add to Basket 
  4. Confirm your address and pay online for doorstep delivery.


Q1. Can I Get a Replacement Number Plate with Neon Aesthetics?

Ans: Yes, Easy plates offer you replacement number plates with neon designs. All you need to do is pick your plate from the catalogue, fill out the form and make a purchase online. Options are available for next-day shipment as well. Easy number plates also offer administrative assistance for you to make your choice with confidence.

Q2. Can I get fined for driving with a neon number plates?

Ans: No. Neon number plates, 4D number plates, Krystal number plates, or more, you will not get fined until the plate is from a DVLA-certified number plate maker and is in good condition.

Q3. Do you make show plates as well?

Ans: Yes. You can get show plates with neon aesthetics from Easy Number Plates. In Fact, you can place the orders in bulk for neon number plates. Place your order online or come visit the showroom. For in-depth assistance, feel free to contact Easy Number Plates.