Our plates

Easy Number Plates have grown rapidly within the number plate industry. We have focused on establishing a range of automotive parts and accessories and improving our machinery, placing us number one for replacement number plates. Our selection of number plates, be it aluminium, gel, carbon or model specific number plates are the best out there. We ensure we are constantly replenishing stock levels of all plates, so whether you want order online via the plate builder or in store we are ready to fulfill your order.

We have reinvested in building an exceptional plate builder allowing customers to order plates for pretty much any vehicle out there. We get to work straight away and are always thriving on improving our customer experience. Our friendly staff are able to assist our customers with any queries. Order your replacement number plates today using the best number plate builder out there!

Number plate fitting service:
Fitting number plates to your vehicle is relatively easy to do and our blog “How to fit number plates” explains this pretty well. However for some a one stop shop that supplies and fits number plates is an added bonus. We do just that! Simply speak to a member of staff who will happily install on the day. This option is only available for customer who choose to collect their replacement number plates via local pick up from our Maidenhead, Berkshire factory. We are registered with the DVLA so understand all the requirements so you need not worry.

Personalised Number Plate:
Love your vehicle? If you really do, then prove it by making it look unique. If it is special and close to your heart, it deserves your personal touch, your attention, and what better way to let the world know about your fondness for your vehicle than a personalised number plate.

Think about something you feel attached to and get it designed on your number plate, so that you can treasure it forever. Let your number plate be such that it makes heads turn when your priced possession zooms by. Customise, rebuild and remodel your own personalised number plate.